Monday, October 14, 2019


McLachlan holds out The Gis in a one lap shootout for a maiden Bathurst Peter Brock Trophy. (in a Ford)
Canterbury Forwards do the bis over a terrific North Harbour assault in the 83rd minute to keep "The Shield"
The Silver ferns with a final Quarter where they out Aussied the Diamonds to go back to back.
Japan make the final eight in RWC.
New Zealand voters indicate in the Newshub Reid Poll they are beginning to see beyond the Glitter.
Trump is possibly making the Chicoms see they should change in how they do business.
Boris is not done yet.

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to one who made peace from 17 years war with the neighbour.

After all that, sleep deprivation overcame any hope of  watching my Celtic Origins team fail to take the opportunity for a top eight finish and follow Ireland in watching Jamie Joseph and Tony Brown take the Host nation into the quarter finals.

Oh that's right;
Today didn't start so well with an addled old rock star dreaming if he could be a woman he would like to be our Part Time Prime Minister.  Don't go there Reg, you would be very ugly as a sheila,  suggest making do with having "had" two children and a Hubby/wife in marriage maybe as a "pinnacle of achievement", just saying.

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