Monday, October 28, 2019

To dance or not to dance......

Ah.. the Haka, where would we be without the Haka? Unfortunately it’s turning out to be a double edged sword  because it now invites ridicule and derision. This is a natural reaction to something that played potent mind games with the opponents for so many years where you had to stand back and respect the cultural traditions.....that may have been true at one time but it’s utter bollocks now.

Culture my arse, somebody like Retallick who could not name single English player last time out of the blocks would have vocabulary of about twenty Maori words....all place names.

It’s overdone, overplayed and overhyped, Youtube is inundated with Haka’s, at the drop of a hat a Haka appears. ....Donald Trump has just pulled out of Syria...OMG quickly lets do a Haka.

 The smile on Owen Farrell’s face said it all and the fact that  where there used be silence there is unremitting noise, so much so that they might as well be chanting a Mongolian mating ritual. My particular dislike are Haka’s at “ramp” ceremonies where the military dead are offloaded.......if it were my son I would be upset if he were met by a bunch of Roman catholic priests chanting in Latin and as he is not Maori why is that culture inflicted on him just because he is in the military.

There is photo of the English pack having a team talk  ( lost it in a crash) where someone has put in a speech bubble.......” Very soon some men will come out dancing, don’t be afraid, they are not dangerous”.........98 seconds.


The Realist said...

The haka looks like a pack of monkeys having a fit. Total embarrassing crap and so infra dig.

Noel said...

Gee bro how long have you been out of the hood.

The haka has morphed into been used at weddings,commemorations and funerals to name a few. So why not by sports teams?

You are sounding like that little Pommy lady down the road who every time it appears on TV writes to the local rag complaining about the inappropriate use of a "war dance".

Culturally it's as Kiwi As.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

In this case, I'm with Legbut and I've got blood going back to a chap called Te Ika O Te Waruki who was running around eating his enemies..

No matter how good it might be, overuse breeds contempt. I think it is vastly overused and as for the throat slitting bit, what the hell is wrong with Ka Mate Ka Mate?

Maybe the Blacks got tossed out because hey lacked any true appreciation of tradition?

The Realist said...

It's not my culture buster.
And don't even get me started on that clown Perenara who thinks he is listening to the American national anthem.
The correct display of respect to our anthem is to stand to attention, not pretend you're having a heart attack.