Monday, October 21, 2019


Even Winston aint old enough to have seen the John Ford film when released in the closing of the fifties decade so unless the replay has enjoyed wider support than I am guessing, this will not resonate.

Spencer Tracy's character has a certain relevance to how I see Winston and his ego trip vehicle that must be suspected now of some age related deficiencies, "Winston First".

This morning on Hosking Breakfast,  Peters asked what would it take for him to consider National as a coalition partner,  possibly the removal of Bridges and Bennett?
His astonishing reply almost devoid of any logic based on recent political reality was focussed on Goldsmith as National Finance shadow Minister.  Goldsmiths lack of understanding of his portfolio based on his experience, and a rambling idea that  now departing from the parliament and Goldsmith's predecessor, Amy Adams,  had such necessary experience.
I do not pretend to know how involved the retiring member for Selwyn was/is  in the family agri - business,  I understand she was a lawyer not a farmer before politics.
Peter;s rambling avoidance of Hosking's question totally ignores that  the current man in command of finance in his CoL,  is a political hack who has spent his whole life around politics,  The Labour one before him was a PhD in History, one "call me Sir" Michael Cullen.
Between those two sharing  pretty close to zero experience of how commerce works, was a treasury Wonk who owned a farm but one who  made a very good fist of managing an economy.

What actually led to his peevish attack on Paul Goldsmith who would know but I am  guessing  it is related to how The Nat, Finance portfolio holder  makes some telling attacks on Grunter at Questions for oral answer that must be rather concerning for The egomiester currently at 4% and increasingly looking like Cardigan Bay might look  today if death had not intervened there.

So we are none the wiser as to what National might need to do to become his poodle but rest assured it is not going to happen any time soon as National to a one understand perfectly well what making the little ones dreams come true actually involves and that has very little connection to what he is enjoying  from Labour currently.
Any vote for Winston's cult is a vote for Labour/Melons end of conjecture.

For the record things did not end well for Spencer Tracy's character who lost his Mayoralty and when talking about perhaps a tilt at Governor  from his hospital bed following defeat and a cardiac event his father in law asked would he do anything different if he could, Tracy (as Skeffington) replies "like hell I would". 

It is a pleasant thought though Winston.


The Veteran said...

I see Mr (answer the questions by Friday or contempt of Court beckons) Peters opined at the NZF Conference on Sunday that the Party had no regrets about going with Labour in 2017.

Well, come 2020 and I can think of one.

Anonymous said...

To give the incumbent Minister of Finance his due, he did spend four years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including two years working in New York at the NZ Permanent Mission to the UN.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous at 9.42 pm

If you are feeling ill do you visit a plumber?

Exactly what has MFAT have to do with finance?

Anonymous said...

A serious aussie soldier wrote

How did your head to head with Winnie go?...did you get your point across? Thats the nice thing abuot meet and greet with the public, you get to be heard.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Adolf Fiinkensein, I was responding to Gravedodger's assertion that the Minister was "a political hack who has spent his whole life around politics". MFAT actually has a knowledge of finance second only to Treasury, thanks to its watching/reporting brief following global economic/financial matters. And it should be remembered that Grant has had intensive tuition in financial matters from Treasury officials since he was handed the shadow finance portfolio. (The latter was a consequence of Little seeking to hobble his main rivals, by making Robertson finance spokesperson instead of making use of his foreign affairs experience, while Parker was given the shadow foreign affairs portfolio instead of his preferred finance role.)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Many thanks. Why don't you get yourself a nom de plume?

Bardock Obama said...

Yes, Anon, get yourself a Nym. I have many. Would you like one of mine?