Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Gawd knows what that will be.

Air Canada a late comer to the paranoid schizophrenia of gender sensitivity will no longer welcome Ladies and Gentlemen aboard their planes, instead the Person I allow to go first and self will become simply "everyone"??

Once so simple for around an estimated 99.9988%  of humans who had either a penis or a vagina gender was fixed and males went to a urinal and females sat down to pee.

For the remaining point zero zero one two percent, nature kept up with the doubt to pile onto another bunch who claimed to be trapped in a wrong body, in creating hermaphrodites or humans having a variable degree of gender bits of evidence. South African athlete Castor Semenya is one such person.
Castor came to notice when competing as a female she began shattering records for middle distance events by margins that might indicate serious drug assistance.
The test results of gender examinations remain secret but leaks indicate 'she' might be a bit 'he'.
Nothing compared to Gavin Hubbard, who as a bloke competing against fellow males was a mildly talented weight lifter who then transitioned to sheila and became a winner at around age 30 years, competing against other sheilas, winning gold medals.
Doesn't fool all though,  still looks a bit Press sister for those of more advanced years.

Forget Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by US PhD John Gray, a non fiction tome on gender differences, it is apparently to be burnt or at least confined to true fiction as addled adults gather to conflicting positions around gender in utter confusion of precepts as outlined in the opening paragraph.
I use "precept" as Biology by nature does not have many of  its basics defined as "laws" such as  make up much of Physics and Chemistry disciplines.

The oh so modern concepts of "gender" as opposed to what once was understood, leave this modern world  much to consider. Gender based toilets now seem to be heading to that which were provided for wheelchair use where larger space and access made gender neutral a very cost effective outcome, non specific gender toilets a growing concept.
A case in Canada (is it the water or climate change) of a body hair removal service declining to "wax" a trans male who wished to have the hair removed from around his meat and two veg, and subsequently taking that case to higher authority to appeal what might seem to many a natural refusal to perform.
This confusion follows  belief based decisions for some who choose not to enable or involve themselves in services from heterosexual marriage ceremonials, ie conducting nuptials between two of apparent same gender,  to an extreme situation where in Colorado, a Cake provider declined to create a cake for a same sex coupling ceremony resulting in a prosecution for discrimination.

Once upon a time,  post "The Kinsey reports"  c1950s that finally broke the 1930s "Gone With The Wind" US book sales records, it became common to escape the Victorian attitudes to discussing 'sex' and the revolution began in earnest.
Now bombarded with news and noise from the .0012%  seems  way out of proportion even allowing for the many wanting to join the mayhem in metoo roles where even stating gender on official documents becomes verboten.

Whatever will the social justice warriors settle for as a next basic bit of history to pull down and trample?
Could ask George Soros, chances are he will be involved somewhere .


Andrei said...

Do you know what a "sitzpinkler is?

No cheating using google now - if you don't know see if you can figure it out.

There were calls from the usual suspects a few years ago to make it compulsory but enforcement of such a law might be problematic.

Anonymous said...

Someone that sits to pee?


Judge Holden said...

Which usual suspects Andrei? Sounds made up by a febrile right-wing nutbar. I can tell you someone who never go potty sitting down! Mighty topless alpha horsey rider, that’s who. He too busy murdering the journalist and being mighty to sit on potty! amiright?

Andrei said...

You're more fun than a barrel of monkeys Judge Holden - like one of those toys where you pull the string and it spits out a stock phrase.

Trouble is they only have about six phrases in their repertoire and when you have heard them all a few times they get tedious

Judge Holden said...

Right back at you, Andrei. What are yours? A tax can’t change the weather, carbon dioxide is good, Putin is mighty alpha male, deviants are taking over the world. I stand corrected; you only have four.

Gustavo Frink said...

Gavedodger, why such a fixation on micturition? Got a bit of a fetish?

FWIW, I have travelled extensively with Virgin of late, they gave up l&g a long time ago,favouring Guests.

And where would you be thout George Soros? He seems to be more prevalent than Satan