Thursday, October 24, 2019

Police minister sprung driving a car with expired registration

Well well well.

Another coalition minister breaking the law.


Noel said...

Easy to do. Local garage kindly sends a reminder e mail for the WOF only.

Andrei said...

Easy to do? Really?

I get a reminder in the mail about a month before the registration expires

What is easy to do is to take that reminder go to the computer and re- register takes all of two minutes and the new label appears in the mail box a few days later

What might make it hard is if you don't have a current WOF because then you can't re register, the process fails

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Yes, nicked a couple of years ago for expired MOT (wof). they send reminders for insurance and Tax but not WOF in the UK.

pdm said...

Andrei - exactly.

Noel said...

Got one in mail day of leaving for overseas. Decided to sort it on return. Forgot.

Johno said...

I really couldn't care about an MP doing this as my expectation of them is low already.

It does piss me off when some cop or LTSA or AT wanker gets caught in a traffic booboo though.

pdm said...


My concern is if he cannot look after the basics of day to day living in his personal life how the hell can he competently manage his cabinet duties.

Like most of the Labour led Coalition Ministers - failing miserably I think.

Johno said...

pdm, I know what you mean and it is an embarrassingly bad look for the man in charge of handing out infringement notices.

But... most of us have let one of these expire once. Anyone can do it and the more busy you are the more likely it is to happen. And I don't consider myself an idiot which is what I consider most of the pollies to be.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Sounds like the Percy Perfects gate crashed the Dudley Doright's convention...have you any idea how dull and petty you all sound.