Monday, October 14, 2019


The present occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW is not my cup of tea but Trump's abject abandonment of the Kurds to their fate removes the last vestige of respect I had for him (and that wasn't very much at all).

And now the news that the Turkish invasion of areas held by the Kurds has seen 800 hardened ISIS fighters break out of their jail .... to do what?    Thanx a bitch Mr President.

America today is hopelessly divided but one thing I'm sure of ... America's standing in the eyes of the world community has never been lower and it's all the work of one man who thinks God calls him God. 

Updated 2.04 pm ... J***s C****t on a pogo stick.   I see 'the man' has now blasted one of his own Republican Senators, Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for the Presidency, in a tweet which included the hashtag #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY.     Big big call when you're facing possible impeachment yourself which will be determined by the Senate.  Big big call.


Max Ritchie said...

It's not quite as simple as "leave the Green Berets there and the Turks will not invade". For a variety of reasons Erdogan is hell-bent on securing a strip along the border. My info is that the US has a deal with Turkey that it'll be limited to 30 km. What do you think the US should do? Getting further embroiled in this complicated conflict would be most unwise. Rock and a hard place but it seems to me that America is better off out of it, as long as the damage to the Kurds is limited. Greater Kurdistan is not going to happen any time soon.

Max Ritchie said...

And Newsweek reports that a US detachment was shelled by Turkish artillery yesterday. US now threatening Turkey with sanctions or military action!

Andrei said...

Ah Veteran the geopolitics of this are far far more complex than the simple narrative that Donald Trump has abandoned the Kurds.

Of course the USA has also labled the PKK a terrorist organization - The Turks say they are conducting an anti terrorist operation against the PKK

One possibiity is that when the dust settles the Syrian Government in Damascas will be back in control of these areas and that will allow the Turks to send the Syrian refugees on their territory back to Syria and then they will be Syria's problem and not Turkey's or Europes.

But what I think is that despite the tsk tsking and token punishments some nations aer applying to Turkey for this that everybody thinks it is in their own best interests that this be done

There is some sort of geopolitical realignment underway in the ME - don't know what but exactly it is occurring

VVP is making a State Visit to Saudi Arabia today - and that's unusual

I wouldn't blame Donald Trump for any of this - he is a man who philospophically thinks trading with people is better than bombing them into submission - which makes sense to me

The Veteran said...

Max ... rock and a hard place is right but the Kurds have always been great supporters of the 'West' in its fight against ISIS and Ok, sure they want a homeland and that's the nub of the issue. Trump let the genie out of the bottle with his nudge, nudge, wink, wink to Erdogan to invade that portion of Syria controlled by the Kurds and, having done that, getting the genie back in the bottle won't be easy.

And all the while US prestige suffers.

Andrei said...

"the Kurds have always been great supporters of the 'West'"

Have they?

The British are alleged to have bombed them with mustard gas in the twenties - we will never know the truth of that but they did bomb them.

The USA under Obama used then to try and secure the oilfields of Eastern Syria alledging they were in the hands of ISIS who were according to the Obama administration pro democracy freedom fighters at the time they took actually them

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There is plenty of commentary linkng the Syrian Kurds (good guys) with Turkish Kurds. (bad guys) In this regard Turkey's actions are understandable if unpalatable. Further, once the fight against ISIS was over, there was no need for US troops to remain there.

So, I think the decision to withdraw was the correct one.

However, and it is a HUGE however, I think the timing and manner of execution was appalling and will do immense damage to American influence in the ME for a long time.

Andrei said...

What is intensly enjoyable about the Trump Presidency watching the way he has put the ruling classes across the Western World noses out of joint.

He can do no right - but somehow or other manages to always remain a step or two ahead of his detractors

While his predecessor Barack Obama could do no wrong. He even was even awarded the Nobel peace prize a nano second or so after winning the Presidency ...

And good old Hilary - three years after loosing to him is still traveling the world whining to anyone who will listen that DT is "an illegitimte President ".

Anonymous said...

Another view of the Kurds...


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Mick......the only thing I can conclude from your post and others like it is that you view it all as a football match and just because your side is losing you feel like you have to say something feel it's OK to abandon allies who have taken a bullet for you on the basis that they don't meet your your high moral standards.

If it the latter then you are as despicable as your poster boy.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Lying comes naturally to you doessn't it just think people are going to swalow your nonsense without checking?

Andrei said...

I don't even know if it is worth engaging with you Egbut given you delete all my comments on your own posts.

What you have linked is rhetoric targeted at American audiences for domestic political purposes not in an depth analysis of Geo-political strategy

And the narrative that DT has "abandoned the Kurds" is also American domestic political rhetoric for domestic consumption.

What those of us who look beyond the shennagins of the clowns who posture in front of the cameras are trying to convince us of for their own ends is try to understand what really happening.

ISIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere when well armed and equipped forces burst out of Syria where a civil war was raging and took the oil facilities of Northern Iraq, And we might well ask who equipped and armed these men. Men who had been and were occupying oil facilities of Syria and controlling the transportation corridors for that oil - territory they had previously captured from the Syrian Government in Damascus?

Prior to the occupation of Iraqi territory we had been told the forces fighting the Syrian Government in Damascus were fighting for "Freedom and Democracy™" but now we are told they are the fores of darkeness and the USA would have to involve themselves and help "liberate" the Syrian oilfields from them with the help of the Kurds

Strange eh?

Even stranger still was that similarly well equipped and organized forces fighting the Syrian Government in Damascus in less strategically valuable regions of the country were still fighting for "Freedom and Democracy™" we were sincerly told

And when the Syrian Government forces got too close to those valuable oil fields hunting down those armed men who were ravaging the Syrian country side the USA "acccidently" bombed them...

Anon99 said...

Trump had little choice. Leave 50 US soldiers in the way of a Turkish attack, or shoot down a NATO allies aircraft.

The Syrian Kurds were always 'temporary' allies in the fight against ISIS. No president would side with 'insurgents' against the ally that borders Russia, regardless of the circumstances. It is the Kurds bad luck they never got their own country as the age of empires ran down, especially when the allies were dividing up the Ottoman empire; any historians know why not?. That the Kurds and their supporters are claiming they are owed, is nothing more than anti-Trump rhetoric. You don't get to vote either for or against Trump and neither do the Kurds.

Gustavo Frink said...

So it's AOK for Turkey to acquire land from a bordering cccountry as a "buffer zone"? What self serving bullshit.

Maybe Canada nedsa buffer zone down to, say Boston. After all, it's notthat long ago America invaded Canada. Same for Mexico, maybe up to LA, as a buffer zone, California was once part of Mexico. And lets not leave out the Navajo