Tuesday, October 8, 2019


What could possibly go wrong?

It seems that various drugs are deemed necessary for young people,  it is suggested have the judgement to cast a vote, to enjoy themselves at a music event.

Now it is deemed essential that the illicit substances on offer at such gatherings need to be given a safety rating by a testing  facility.

Cut the crap and set up "Kiwidrugs"  to sell safe gear thereby avoiding the total farce of dealers selling in plain view and if a comment at kiwiblog has any validity, right  under the nose of plod attending.

Set up a working group to get involved and cut out the other gangs, get plod to provide security.

After all they consider themselves to be adequately commercially aware to tell power companies how to sell their product and get the clients to pay on time.


Anne Tiffa said...

The most widely consumed drug in New Zealand is alcohol. Its use and consumption has been made relatively safe by regulating its manufacture and ensuring certain standards are met. Yet is still kills or harms an alarming number of people each year.

The second most widely consumed drug in New Zealand is tobacco. Unlike alcohol, there is no way to prescribe safety standards around its manufacture. Unlike alcohol, tobacco has no redeeming features at all, it is a product that can, and does, kill when consumed at the recommended dose. Governments have seen that there is folly in trying to ban such a popular drug, so have established other strategies to reduce consumption and minimise harm.

All the consumers of other recreational drugs are asking is to be given the same level of consumer protection that is given to alcohol and tobacco.

The best strategy is not prohibition, it is harm minimisation.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Yeah...had those bastards turned up at a wedding reception I was running. They were called weights and measures in those days......examined all my glasses and took samples out of each bottle for testing...receipt supplied.

It seems one of my competitors had accused me of doctoring the optics and watering down the vodka.......