Thursday, October 17, 2019

Oh what a luverly war......

How quickly did the Americans bail out of Northern Syria.....bloody quickly is my guess. They left the accomodation, micro wave towers and fridges full of coke (no, not that coke) for the Russians who are now kicking back and enjoying thr 4 star accommodation with A/C.

благодарю вас President Trump but you can't
have the photo's just yet.

Very kind of them. The last time they did that was CamRahn Bay AF and Naval base, a name that has some resonance with Veterans. And as usual the Russians were very grateful. 

Not sure if the Russian ships are loading US goodies or off loading their own not quite so goodies.


James said...

Having been posted to an American led base in the middle east, I can offer some insight to the video.

Firstly - all that stuff left behind would have belonged to the contractors, not the US Forces themselves. The food, tents, drinks, all that would belong to a contractor who probably used local or other cheap labour. Minor but important difference.

Secondly - note that the Russians are there at the invitation of the Syrian government, the US were there at the invitation of a rebel group. Whilst not a fan of current US foreign policy, that approach of supporting the Kurds was only going to last so long.

Finally - how is this different from when the US allowed the Iraqi army to ‘invade’ Iraqi Kurdistan in late 2017 after the referendum?

Gustavo Frink said...

Fuggeddabout the left over coke, Trump has gifted the Turks 50, count them, 50 fucking nuukes. Well done, Commander Heelspurs.

The Veteran said...

GF ... appreciate authentication that Trump has gifted 50 nukes to the Turks. I suspect that's news to most of us.

Gustavo Frink said...


How do you think Mr President Shit Weasel will stop Erdogan?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It's actually Syria's job to stop Turkey invading Syria.

The Veteran said...

GF ... US nukes in Turkey under US control is hardly gifting them to Turkey. What you are suggesting is that Turkey fronts up to the US and sez hand-over your nukes and the US sez ok, here's the keys and the activation codes ... yeah right.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

James doesn't really matter who owns what as that is not the point. All material construction and otherwise belong to the US...the modular TEMPER tents are US MoD.

Vladdy now controls Venezuala's oil exports, all of Syria and made Corporal Bonespurs look like a complete tosser who is out of his depth in almost all aspects of foreign policy.

At least now we will hear less of any minor Obama fuckups from the MAGA mob.

James said...


It does matter who the stuff belongs to - the narrative is that the Americans left in rich a hurry they left all their stuff behind. The reality is different - the contractor has left all their stuff behind (including those tents, I guarantee you they are not US military property).

‘CPL Bonsepurs’ is not the only one who has been advocating for withdrawal from the Middle East. He has been consistent in saying it. Now he has done it. Of all his mistakes, this one is being overplayed by his detractors.

Anonymous said...
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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...'s not a mistake, it was an either an impulse decision or a carefully planned strategic maneuver orchestrated by others....either way it has changed the Syrian war to Russia's advantage by splitting NATO and humiliating the US.

Being an apologist for the tangerine tyrant is not a good place to be at the moment as Giuliani is about to find out.

Tents are TEMPER modular and owned by the US MoD....not by any of the 461 contruction contractors in Iraq and Syria..... Contractors assemble, they do not have their own "tent" factories.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

"The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency and USAMMDA, both subordinate organizations of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, teamed up to purchase new TEMPER air-supported shelters. These shelters were developed by USAMMDA over the past decade to replace aging rigid frame shelters. The TEMPER air-supported shelters are 50 percent lighter than the old tents, saving units 17 tons for each 148-bed field hospital. The air-supported shelters can be erected by four Soldiers in about 15-30 minutes, which is 85 percent quicker than the older medical tents that can take more than an hour to set up. In addition, new solar shades that reduce solar loading by 90 percent along with thermal liners are being purchased with these air-supported shelters, which will impact energy efficiency and comfort levels inside the shelter."......

Look contractors.

James said...


Trust me, I do not want to be an apologist for any of the tyrants involved here - not Trump, not Erdogan, not Al Assad and not Putin. All I’m saying is the fact is that Russia is in Syria at the invitation of the government, the US was there at the invitation of a rebel group - that was bound to end sooner or later. Trump has done what he said he would a long time ago and get out of Syria. Yes that is to Russia’s advantage - so what? Is it worth staying (uninvited) in a foreign country just to thwart Putin?

Trust me on the contractor and the ownership question of the tents (even though you rightly point out they works have been developed by DoD and they will own lots). Trust me - I can’t give you details about why I know this for a fact, but I do.

Johno said...

"Tents are TEMPER modular and owned by the US MoD....not by any of the 461 contruction contractors in Iraq and Syria"

Says who?

Anyone can purchase and supply those tents, e.g.:

Noel said...

South Vietnamese took over Cam Ranh in 1972. Found it to large to use or defend and left it to the elements and looters towards the end of 1972.
By the time the Russians took on the lease in 1979 any US "goodies" would have long gone.