Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Homepaddock is the daily blog of a farmer in a quite beautiful bit of Rural New Zealand and for moi a must visit as Ele has a talent to gather and link to multiple Primary Industry matters that I find very useful in maintaining my interest in such rustic endeavours.

Today in addition to the usual agregation  post under "Rural Roundup" there is another post based on Melbourne media analyst posting on the Greta Thunberg matter that has enamoured the mindless socialist left as they allow Soros and his useful idiots including "Get Up" to continue their well funded brainwashing of the vulnerable.

The post centers on the portrayal of children fearing for their very survival and concludes with Andrew Bolts reassuring words  leave an impression that emotion might just be overpowering reason.

Acknowledgements to both Ele and Andrew Bolt.

Be calm. You are not in danger.
· You have never been less likely to die of a climate-related disaster. Your risk of being killed has fallen 99 per cent in the past century. Source: International Disaster Database.

· You have never been more likely to live longer. Life expectancy around the world has risen by 5.5 years so far this century. Source: World Health Organisation.

· We are getting fewer cyclones, not more. Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeBureau of Meteorology.

· There is more food than ever. Grain crops have set new records. Source: Food and Agricultural Organisation.

· The world is getting greener. Leaf cover is growing 3 per cent per decade. Source: NASA.

· Low-lying Pacific islands are not drowning. In fact, 43 per cent – including Tuvalu – are growing, and another 43 per cent are stable. Source: Professor Paul Kench, University of Auckland.

· Cold weather is 20 times more likely to kill you than hot weather. Source: Lancet, 20/5/2015

· Global warming does not cause drought. Source: Prof. Andy Pitman, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes.

· Australia’s rainfall over the past century has actually increased. Source: Bureau of Meteorology.

· There are fewer wildfires. Around the world, the area burned by fire is down 24 per cent over 18 years. Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center et al.

Polar bear numbers are increasing, not decreasing. Source: Dr Susan Crockford.

It’s such a pity that facts usually come a distance second to emotion but that’s what’s needed to counter the eco-anxiety and climate dread that stops young people from looking beyond the fear and finding the hope.

As one who grew up and matured in the wake of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and subsequent regular headlines documenting massively mounting piles of Nuclear Weapons that promised to leave those two city destroying bombs and subsequent radiation poisoning resembling "Hand Grenades" compared to an "88mm shell striking a WW2 Tank" in destructive force, we had a far greater environment of fear than what Thunberg was so productive in portraying for her "globalist masters".

Those Children who with extreme alacrity took the last day of term as an opportunity to avoid the classroom with the blessing of their intellectually challenged teachers, are growing up in a far safer, healthy, nutritionally secure, and peaceful  world where education and opportunity to access facts are at a still expanding apex of enlightenment.

Btw to all who will just give further evidence of their paucity of knowledge in mindless comment either offer rebuttal or remain silent and avoid further evidence of moronic understanding.


Andrei said...

Careful GD you will be cast as a grumpy old cumudgeon for pointing out cold hard facts to airhead schoolgirls bunking school to "save the planet".

Meanwhile Bangladeshi girls their age are working 16 hour days and earning about NZ$50 a month sewing up langerie in sweatshops to keep the Warehouse shelves filled.

Striking to "save the planet" is not an option if they want to eat tommorrow.

Psycho Milt said...

It’s such a pity that facts usually come a distance second to emotion...

Oh, the irony!

Australian cartoon First Dog on the Moon has provided a handy visual illustration of Bolt's and your thoughts on this subject.

This one also has Bolt's number:

A good reactionary recognises the potential vehicle for real change, and they hate it.

Andrei said...

Oh poor Milt - you still believe the world is in a state of "Climate Catastrophe"

Without using Google can you tell us who Severn Cullis-Suzuki is?

I will save you the trouble - A reprise from 1992

alloy said...

It would appear that Bolt has references to support his points, guess he's doing as Greta advised and listened to the scientists.

Johno said...

I see the Rockies are getting hammered by Global Warming today:


Psycho Milt said...

Andrei: as James Shaw said, "For over 30 years adults have known that we needed to act on #climatechange and have failed to act." The fact that Severn Cullis-Suzuki was asking for action 27 years ago and didn't get any says plenty about politicians and the owners of capital, but nothing about children or envirnomentalists.

Psycho Milt said...

...guess he's doing as Greta advised and listened to the scientists

Just so we're clear on this: combing nutbar sites for the odd fact you can obfuscate with is not "listening to the scientists."

Andrei said...

James Shaw is not a particularly intelligent man Milt.

He is the token male leader of a party that requires two co-leaders based so that there is one of each gender

His only qualification for his present position is that he posseses a penis. He is of course the epitome of a beta male.

The real leader of the parliamentary Greens is their supposed number 3 Julie Ann Genter

Judge Holden said...

A beta male? FFS, not like mighty shirtless horsey riding journalist murdering kleptocrat! He real man! Do you work at being a fuckwit, or does it come naturally?

Andrei said...

Beyond Satire

'"Just so we're clear on this: combing nutbar sites for the odd fact you can obfuscate with is not "listening to the scientists."'

Did you check the references before dashing that off Milt?

Is the World Health Organizaation's website a nutbar site?

Is the Food and Agricultural Organisation (a Un agency) a nutbar site?

Is Nasa a nutbar site?

Apparently so if we are to take your wword for it

Anonymous said...

Andrei you forget, Psycho and Greta want you to only listen to approved scientists and approved science. Anything that contradicts the new religion is apostate.


Psycho Milt said...

He is of course the epitome of a beta male.

The scary part is you presumably imagine that means something.

Psycho Milt said...

Did you check the references before dashing that off Milt?

You're imagining Bolt combed through the WHO, IPCC and NASA sites himself to cherry-pick facts he could turn into propaganda, rather than picking them up from nutbar sites? I guess that is theoretically possible, much like it's theoretically possible that I'm the hardest-working man in show business.

No Use For A Name. said...

post based on Melbourne media analyst...

First time I've heard Bolt called that. He is a paid shill for the coal industry, pedophile priests, and the ultra-right. His credibility is so poor that around the office he is known as ankles.

It is a mish-mash of fudged references, charts without their context, and cherry-picked fragments that are designed to feed feeble minds such as yours.

It is little wonder you are slavering over it.

allow Soros and his useful idiots

Yes, one more indicator of a mind that has its thinking done for it. I must meet this Soros one day, more powerful than God, richer than Croesus and scarier to the ultra-right than any bogeyman of their childhood nightmares.

Andrei said...

Well Milt I have just checked the Cyclone Reference given by A, Bolt - it comes from the Australian Beaureau of Meteorology - Here it is

Feel free to tell me why this isn't kosher and this is indeed "a nutbar site"

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Nothing like a long feelgood list that is quoted completely out of context. Dodger does not know the difference between a Climate change skeptic and a climate change denier.

I'm a skeptic whose views are changing as more evidence becomes available, Dodger is a denier to whom producing any evidence is a complete waste of time. There is absolutely no way that you are doing the denial cause any good by selectively quoting out of context.

The world is greening?....from the same ref.
"32 percent of the greening change in China, and 82 percent in India, comes from intensive cultivation of food crops. The land area used to grow crops in China and India has not changed much since the early 2000s. Yet both countries have greatly increased both their annual total green leaf area and their food production in order to feed their large populations. The agricultural greening was achieved through multiple cropping practices, whereby a field is replanted to produce another harvest several times a year. Production of grains, vegetables, fruits and more have increased by 35 to 40 percent since 2000."....not exactly your carbon sink is it?

More rain in Australia?......yup, just where they don't need it..Nth QLD so now they have floods AND drought.

Less cyclones...yep....11 hit the US 1943...but all 3's. The cyclones/hurricanes are fewer but much bigger and stronger.

On the money with the Pacific Islands though....so far sea level rise has fallen well below expectation.

Polar bears....I have been saying that for years, but a forlorn bear on a melting floe sells papers.

The scattergun approach to a serious subject does nothing but weaken your argument so people then ask.....why is he so anxious to convince us that there is no problem.

Andrei said...

"The scary part is you presumably imagine that means something"

It does mean something whether you are willing to admit it or not - it means he is not leader!!!

He is a passive little man, not a go getter. Not able to stick up for himself.

When he was attacked by a nutter on his way to work he curled up in a fetal position and waited for passers by to rescue him - didn't try to fight back or defend himself in any way

You know what it really means Milt - it means he is a pushover,it means he doesn't win many if any votes for the Green Party and he is merely there as the token male leader required by the constitution, that is all. It either Gareth Hughes or him who got the gig and he got it.

You will not be willing to acknowledge this but deep down you know that its true

Psycho Milt said...

You will not be willing to acknowledge this but deep down you know that its true

I would be the first to admit that James Shaw would make a very, very poor authoritarian nationalist. Fortunately, that's not what I look for in a "leader."

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I had to laugh yesterday...Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame called Ms. Thunberg "a spoiled brat"........this is the same self entitled, egotistical, self opinionated bison headed twat that decked a BBC producer because his steak was not cooked.

Just another in a long line who mistake TV ratings with IQ.

Anonymous said...

Any substance to back up your claims that we are getting fewer and stronger hurricanes Egbut?

Thought not, you are just guilty of repeating CAGW propaganda. Have a read here; https://judithcurry.com/2019/09/10/dont-overhype-the-link-between-climate-change-and-hurricanes/

You yet again prove that not all people with a platform should use it.


Andrei said...

Milt, Milt Milt,

You just don't get it do you - in times of crisis this Nation needs someone who can stand up and take charge

A man who curls up into a fetal position and waits for others to come to his aid when attacked in the street is not a man we could count on in the face of a major crisis say Volcanic Eruption or a Tsumami. You know why - in the face of a major risis he would do exactly the same thing - he would freeze when he would be required to be making the right decisions quickly and with limited information.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Paranormal ...Read and digest...this exactly what I posted and it's by the same author (Judith Curry) in your link. Either you are unused to rigorous scientific discussion or you are moronic piece of trolling shit....your choice.

"We examined the number of tropical cyclones and cyclone days as well as tropical cyclone intensity over the past 35 years, in an environment of increasing sea surface temperature. A large increase was seen in the number and proportion of hurricanes reaching categories 4 and 5. The largest increase occurred in the North Pacific, Indian, and Southwest Pacific Oceans, and the smallest percentage increase occurred in the North Atlantic Ocean. These increases have taken place while the number of cyclones and cyclone days has decreased in all basins except the North Atlantic during the past decade."

Psycho Milt said...

You just don't get it do you - in times of crisis this Nation needs someone who can stand up and take charge

I get that's what you think, sure. Which is why I'm happy to admit Shaw would make a very poor Putin, and equally happy to declare that a Very Good Thing.

Andrei said...

No Milt - James Shaw would make an extremely poor prime minister but since his chances of being prime minister are lower than mine of winning lotto its all academic

Judge Holden said...

In crisis you need short man who can take shirt off and ride horsey for camera and then murder pesky journalists! Then steal all money from country. Real man. Mighty man! Look how mighty shirtless horsey man handle crisis! He kill hundreds of innocent civilians to make self look strong and mighty (Beslan, Moscow Theater hostage crisis etc). Mighty!

And have you seen the Second Coming of God react to crowd disruptions at his Nuremberg rallies? Talk about the foetal position surrounded by goons.

Andrei, you are a total fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Egbut thank you for pointing out the way gross generalisations from simplistic people do not convey what is happening. For example what you said is incorrect for the Atlantic basin, as shown in the extract from Judith Curry’s article.

More to the point your comment implies an end state that is not what is happening. What we are seeing is just the current state of a multi decadal cycle.

Perhaps more importantly you seem to have overlooked the key to JCs article, that there is no evidence of CAGW in the tropical storm cycle.

All the same thank you for highlighting the point of GDs post.