Sunday, October 27, 2019

Ho Ho Ho

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Anne Tiffa said...

Love your number 2 showing how redistribution works in real life - everyone now has their own ride.

gravedodger said...

Fake News Anne, there are more walking and standing in Picture two than riding whereas every one in photo one is riding, except the camera person.

Also in the real world an older person can ride the bike whereas those scooters require a measure of agility, even then Emergency Dept is getting more work???

The bikers pay for their risk we all cover the manikins in pic two when they crash!!

A socialist would never understand that.

RosscoWlg said...

Thanks Adolf, another good crop... don't know how you do it. Love the Titanic one.

Anne Farta probably didn't understand that one either.. he doesn't appear to have much of a sense of humour.. too long in the re-education camps.

Snowflake said...

You don’t know how to use Google to look up the uninspired output of the Russian meme farms? The drink really has addled your brain, hasn’t it Ross? Even Adolt doesn’t find that challenging, although it takes him a whole week.

Anne Tiffa said...

Good on you dodger. I guess you fell asleep by the time the antiheroes in the moofie were slaughtered by flag-waving, mouth breathing, right-wing scum who couldn't stand the thought of people living out their lives and passions. Just like the right-wing scum everywhere.

How many times have you said "Why don't you get a haircut?"?

Don't forget to crank up the volume, turn up ypur hearing aid and have a towel ready ...