Friday, October 11, 2019

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Anne Tiffa said...



Andrei said...

I reckon climate change nutters like Milt should quit their comfy suberban lives and put their money where their pieholes are and go and set up carbon neutral communes somewhere on the West Coast and live 17th century lifestyles the way the strictest Amish do

They could be all be good Amish without the God bit

Anne Tiffa said...

So Andrei, Milt hands you your arse elsewhere and now you have to come crying here to try to keep the bullshit spinning?

Andrei said...

Nah Anne Tiffa - It just became too tedious to continue.

Here is another piece of bad news from the Climate Crisis - the Data source being UN Food and Agriculture Organization

"From 1961 to 2014, global cereal production has increased by 280 percent. If we compare this increase to that of total population (which increased only 136 percent over the same period), we see that global cereal production has increased at a much faster rate than that of population. If distributed equally, cereal production per person has increased despite a growing population.

Have we achieved this through land expansion or improved yields? A bit of both. In 2014, we used 16% more land for cereal production than we did in 1961 (approximately equivalent to double the area of Germany). Overall, this means we use less land per person than we did fifty years ago. Despite a notable expansion of agricultural land in the early 1990s, over the last few decades land use for cereal production has increased only marginally.

Most of our improvements in cereal production have arisen from improvements in yield. The average cereal yield has increased by 175 percent since 1961. Today, the world can produce almost three-times as much cereal from a given area of land as it did in 1961."

I remember as a boy reading the apoocalyptic visions of Paul Ehrlich who was predicting widespread famine to grip the Earth - he prophesied food riots would even be impacting the USA by the late 1980s.

There is a way to go before everyone on Earth gets the food proper nourishment they need but for now we have widespread famine held at bay.

Of course if we didn't waste good food on making biofuels an incredibly inefficient way of powering our machinery we could be doing a lot better at keeping the black horse of the apocalypse in check.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Dirty work afoot will say it's rubbish but then you will say that 'cos it's your masters agenda. Don't comment until yiou read it.

RosscoWlg said...

Anne.... Nice to have another women commentator along on the blog, I see after a bit of research that tiffa is "Targeted Imaging for Fetal Anomalies" so I guess you must be a medical professional or a mid wife.

Its good to have a diversity of views here as there arent many midwifes.

Looked up on google for your flag, is it from one of those small African countries in the middle of nowhere that seem to pop up like flowers in a high CO2 rich environment?

Anyway welcome aboard... I just hope you arent David from Melborne or was it Adelaide in disguise.

Andrei said...

Question Egbut - don't you think there might be "vested interests" at play who are profiting from the "climate crisis" and have an interest in promoting it?

Right now in this country pastures are being converted to forestry not for the value of the trees but for the value of the "carbon credits" And a lot of the people buying this pasture land and coverting it are institutional investors from overseas. Consequence for us is not only do we have to pay tithes in the form of carbon credits for everything productive we do but food prices rise and these rapcious Wall Street bankers profit It makes me absolutely furious!!! I voted for National back in 2008 and when they didn't scrap the ETS I did not vote for them again!!!

Whether you like it or not most of the world's population does not live in the developed West and those people aspire to the lifestyle we enjoy - and why the hell shouldn't they?

Why would the Chinese or Indian Governments hobble their economies and stiffle the ambitions of their citizens to appease Western Middle Class pieties? Of course not they are not so stupid - in fact while we are indulging in this utter idiocy and crushing our productivity they are developing theirs - while greedy Bankers bloat their bottom line at our expense

Andrei said...

Anne Tiffa inhabits these comment threads under a multitude of identities.

This particular incarnation of his name is a pun on "Antifa"

RosscoWlg said...

Oh...thanks Andrei...can I ask what an Antifa is... sounds like some Sth American ant eater?

Andrei said...


Andrei said...

Ignoring does not make it go away...

I don't know why Egbut insists on having one sided conversations with himself - perhaps the cognative disconnect on hearing another pov is too much for the old boy

But here goes what I have to say about his latest diatribe is here where he can't blackhole it


"All the wordy arguments and finger pointing about climate change is obscuring the changing economics and the subject that is deliberately overlooked by those batting for the denier side.....pollution."

No, no, no Egbut. Nobody likes pollution and nobody is is ignoring pollution!

The Industrial Revolution powered by coal made Great Britain the predominate World Power but t a cost, dirty grim industrial towns - William Blake's "Jerusalem", which seems to me to eptomise Great Britain when sung as a hymn, is a reaction to this.

Sixty years ago England was still powered by coal - steam ruled the railways and they had horrendous smog problems - eventually Parliament passed the "Clean Air Act" in 1956. Interestingly enough this began life as a private memebers bill initiated by a Conservative MP, a Tory :)

It costs a lot of money to clean up pollution such as you depict but in India they are doing it - coal fired steam trains are a thing of the past and there is a lot of electrification - using electric locomotives built in India

"The cost per watt per solar installation (at this scale) will range based on several factors, such as available sunlight hours and location, but it's usually around $1/watt. Thus, a 1-megawatt solar farm would cost around $1 million to install which is $600 million for the same out put....."

This is where you non Numeric types fall over. I laughed when in the previous paragraph you used cost per Megawatt when talking about coal fired plants and then went to cost per watt to boost your favoured solution solar and make it appear vastly cheaper.

But do you know what the real joker in the pack is? When you talk about a 600MW coal powered electricity generating plant this is more or less what it produces 24/7 over its lifetime

When you talk about a 1-megawatt solar farm this is what it produces when operating at peak and you would be lucky to acheive 35% of this output over its lifetime - the same goes for Wind Power where the windfarms hardly ever produce their rated output