Tuesday, October 22, 2019


He was on the money with his advice to the PTPM and got savaged for saying what needed saying,  however he has created a legend on 2GB radio with his Sydney Breakfast show.

He also does an hour on Wednesday nights on Sky News with Peta Credlin ex Chief of staff for Tony Abbott during his later years in opposition and his Prime Ministership.

This week Alan Jones  was brought to tears in dealing with his frustration that Scott Morrison on his radio show that morning had virtually nothing to relieve the disastrous drought that currently grips much of the Eastern states including the entire Murray Darling Basin. An emotional breakdown that saw an unscheduled ad break to give him time to recover.

This dry is a biggie,  a big one, right up there with the worst in memory and Jones' Dad farmed in Queensland during Alans formative years and the scars still exist from drys that he witnessed there.

Some heartless bastards continue to link the Droughts that are as Australian as the Original Aboriginal people and Blue gums, to Climate change when there is a wider consensus than that which many Politically driven egos consider upholds their tax grab  over warming that if any influence that comes from warming it is the opposite of drought,  greater and more intensive rain events.

There is some unconscionable devastation occurring from this drought and not only the farmers but entire communities are threatened and once gone it is hard to see the depopulation being reversed.

How much better for Australia if the Billions being poured into the UN wealth transfer scam into immediate relief for the rural communities and then drought proofing by moving the tropical rains south and building serious storage for that water.

Hang in there Alan Jones the farmers have my empathy, sympathy and heartfelt admiration, and you are in too much of a minority as opposed to the majority who will get a hell of a surprise when the Lucky Country has to import essential foods, it had me more than a little emotional just watching from afar.


pdm said...

GD - Jones and Credlin are on Tuesdays 10pm.

Pete said...

Your thought on better using in Australia the funds sent overseas to enable UN wealth distribution is also applicable here. We have the farce of the Zero Carbon Bill being rushed so PM Ardern can big note at APEC while turning New Zealanders into peasants and paupers. Far better use could be made here, using New Zealand ingenuity and effective innovation, of funds tossed away on wealth distribution by the UN.

No opposition party should agree to support the second reading. Some of the current coalition should not agree either. We have learnt that the old tradition of agreeing to the first reading to get the bill into the house is a mistake with the sham of a supposedly representative government we have at present. They appear to sneer at attempts to subsequently fine tune a bill in the house, they seemingly ignore submitters and opposition representations. My view is they cannot be trusted.

The Zero Carbon Bill is regrettably one example this year. This is a costly one with serious long term implications. The funds blown on that would be better used maintaining living standards while dealing with issues in this country as they arise. Water issues, as in Australia, will arise and need attention. Better to have funds here than being blown by the UN.

Anonymous said...

Since the Paris accord NZ taxpayers have spent over $3 billion on payments made under this agreement. What has happened to this money? Can anyone, anyone at all, tell us taxpayers and reassure us that this money has been used legitimately to reduce the effects of so called "Climate Change"?

Where has it gone, and what has it been usefully engaged in to make a difference somewhere in the world?

I think we all know the answer - that it has been sunk in fact in the trough of the corrupt and scheming UN, along with supporting it's climate catastrophists and their jet setting lifestyles as they attend their multiple junkets held regularly around the world's resorts. The last was in Monaco - well known for their "budget" accommodation and attractions.

I wish a political group in NZ would finally just call an end to this BS, and we could spend this money here to much more demonstrable beneficial effect.