Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A tale of two cities......

 No, not Sydney Carton’s ambition never to have to shave again but the gulf between French and anglo saxon thinking and the rather mundane subject of budgie smugglers.*

A few years ago at the height of the Jimmy Saville kiddie fiddling affair in the UK a group of Mums at Hereford swimming pool objected to middle aged men wearing swimming briefs as it showed off their “bits”.

With a compliant media and the scent of blood in the air it soon took off with many municipal pools banning swimming briefs and “Trunks only” signs at the entrances. It seemed that granddads meat and two veg having procreated the ungrateful mums they were now deemed to be offensive.

Now we move to France, a little while later and with grandson  we attend the L’isle Jourdain outdoor pool only to be told that swimming trunks are banned (all of France) and we must wear briefs. Off we trot to the only local shop who is making a fortune from British tourists buying briefs at 300% mark up.

The thinking behind it is thus.......some men and youths wear their trunks as shorts around the house and for sports sometimes for days before visiting the pool and in effect it is like someone washing their dirty underwear in the water you are swimming in.....but you never see anyone mowing the lawn or fixing the roof in budgie smugglers.

I’m with the French on this one and would certainly back any move to ban trunks at any local pool I frequent......but I’m sure some will disagree.

* For our US readers : Brief swimming briefs

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