Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A most potent weapon.....

It took the Wermacht little time to discover that large numbers of refugees fleeing an advancing army could be weaponised. Air strikes on selected targets would uproot entire populations and send them fleeing into the ranks of a defending enemy creating chaos  on the roads and over loading the infrastructure.
                                                                                 This was particularly apparent in the retreat to Dunkirk where the British army was not 4x4 capable and whose counter attacks were severely disrupted by clogged roads and civilians in line of fire..

Refugees are a pitiful sight and will sap moral and induce confusion and sometimes panic in the minds of those in defence.

The Syrian refugees are no accident and Putin realised by sending entire populations into Europe he would foment anger and resentment that could be used politically. That his airforce in Syria deliberately attacked civilian areas to dispossess people is beyond doubt and coupled with American, British and French rules of engagement (air) have turned huge areas of Syria and Iraq into people free zones.

If Trumps abandonment of the Kurds comes to pass and the Turks with their air superiority and thousands of tanks attack the Kurds then a whole new wave of a million refugees will hit Europe having no where else to go......isn’t this a part of the game plan?

What do we do, machine gun them at the borders?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


They don't have to go to Europe. Let them find homes in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria and other wonderful places other than Europe.

Johno said...

Nah, Europe is the land of free milk and honey.

Anne Tiffa said...

Great suggest, Adolt.

Now, go look at a fucking map and suggest how they will get to any of those places. And I assume you have discussed this with all those foreign governments, haven't you? Oh, they told you to fuck off, topo. How unsurprising.

It is very easy for a safe, secure, old fart, living off the taxpayer teat to pontificate on how people in extreme need should react. Far easier, indeed, than to practice Christianity and follow Christ.

But I forget - Christianity is only practiced Sunday 1100 - 1200.

RosscoWlg said...
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