Wednesday, September 18, 2019


While the local Socialists and their enablers are hoping the people will tire of the now almost two weeks of horror news coming out of the beltway, one aspect remains unassailable so far.

Sarah's entirely believable tale of twenty minutes of serious assault from a still un-named valuable asset of the NZLP. One so valuable they have expended almost all the reserves of image of The Chosen One to get it to go away, alas apparently all in vain.

Last weekend the New York Times went ballistic with an alleged witnessed assault by US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at Yale over three decades ago, over a year after The Senate confirmed his nomination as an associate Justice.

The appointment of Kavanaugh was opposed desperately by the increasingly Socialist-dominated Democrats as his elevation moved the liberal Court to the conservative side and with Ruth Bader Ginsberg's health giving increasing concerns the desperation is palpable.

The NYT has increased its anti-Trump assaults in tandem with The Clinton News Network and MSNBC ,where Rachell Maddow is reduced to tears of frustration that first emerged when Her Hillary fell defeated, not to mention the once proud Washington Post that exposed the real crimes of Nixon.

That Pulitzer Prize-winning effort was nearly fifty years ago. how the mighty have fallen?

Back to the latest attack on Kavanaugh. Two little problems: first the alleged victim does not wish to be interviewed and worse, she does not recall any such incident from Kavanaugh's freshman year.



paul scott said...

paul scott said...

And Sroubek hasn't gone away. his files are just resting until next August.