Friday, September 20, 2019

So Sad. So Funny!

Behold! What yonder halo doth break over him!
Like Australia, Canada is one of those countries that I don't pay a lot of attention to, even though I probably should. As with our trans-Tasman neighbours I'm aware of who the Prime Minister is at any given moment, but not of other politicians, parties, or the usual bunfights that make up their democracies.

Still, when said leaders are put up as The Way, The Truth, and The Light, attention must be paid:
IT’S ONE OF THOSE PICTURES that freeze-frames a political leader in the making. Half-turned from the enthusiastic crowd of Prince Edward Islanders he is addressing, Justin Trudeau’s upraised arm acknowledges something beyond the image’s point of reference. A pale sunlight lightly gilds the palm of his outstretched hand and highlights the features of his face.
My apologies if you were unable to keep your breakfast down while reading that.

Yes, that's Chris Trotter in 2015, raving about Justin Trudeau's rise to Prime Ministership in Canada.

Now all political lives end in failure, as the saying goes. But failure usually just means that you finally get booted from power - not that it ends in ritual humiliation and gales of laughter, which seems to be young Justin's fate.

Turns out that he's got a bit of a penchant for dressing up in costumes.


And while some have merely been regarded as funny/weird by most everybody....

Yes. I killed Custer.

... others have not been, especially by Farther Left members of his own tribe.

But peak-annoyance has arrived with steady revelations of the ultimate sin of a modern White Boy...

Yo Baby. Wassup?
...dressing up in Blackface.

Now personally I think these are stupid rules and Justin should not be judged by such pieces of trivial fluff, especially given that it comes from youthful, innocent idiocy.

But I and the rest of the Right-Wing did not make up these stupid rules, the Left did, and if they want to apply them consistently then it's only fair that Trudeau gets it in the neck.

Your choice: which one were you?
Although Democrat Ralph Northam remains the Governor of Virginia after a revealing portrait was uncovered.

Forced to pick between Blackface and Klan robes, Ralph chose the slightly less offensive option of Blackface.

He's still in the job because the next two Democrats in line for the job had been compromised on other issues, which would have meant a Republican taking over the job.

That's far more offensive than dressing up in Blackface or as a Klucker.

Still, these latest revelations about young Justin did lead to one of the funniest responses that I can recall from any politician, let alone the leader of major nation:

Okay. Along with Democrat Beto "Oirish" O'Rourke across the border, Justin Trudeau is now officially a furry:

Arriving soon to manage your Social Welfare State
Chuckle. Nyuck, nyuck, nycuk........

Brownface? BROWNFACE?

Oh I can see where this spin is going. I don't know why the NYT is concerned. Few Righties will vote for him, and the Left, having drawn some blood and cringing apologies from him, will still vote for him.


Johno said...

In sure it's ok when the left do it. Someone will be asking shortly to confirm

Andrei said...

I see your colleague Egbut has tackled this issue in his latest post

It is a waste of time responding to him of course he just will delete what I have to say, hi posts are joke. but what he doesn't get is that nobody sensible really cares that as a callow over priviledged frat boy Justin Trudeau dressed up in blackface

Rather it is that this woke silver spooner who has been handed everything in life on a silver platter is a virtue signaler of the first order and is shown for what he really is - a shallow, self seeking, opportunist of no real substance

Tom Hunter said...


No they don't really care. If he was a Right-Winger you'd never hear the end of it.

And then there's this:

Only the modern generation of Americans get offended and make a song and dance (pun intended) about blackface due to their own racial tensions and problems...

Gaaawwwdddd. We're talking about Canadians here. You know - with their terrible history of slavery and stuff. Combined with the continuation of that paragraph...
... but for the life of me I do not understand how you can politicise this by using terms such as lefties and the right.

... that's just gaslighting. The whole screaming about "appropriating cultures", including Whites rubbing show polish on their faces has come from the Woke Left. Jesus, it's like the last fifty years of Left academia suddenly doesn't count?

FFS. Ignorance or deflection: you choose.

Judge Holden said...

Is being woke the left wing equivalent of being decucked? Can you explain your decucking, Tommy? I would love to hear all about it.

paul scott said...

Trudeau is about as authentic as shiny cardboard cutout of Jacinda. Jacinda herself is authentic. No one actually pretends to be an empty headed Marxist.

paul scott said...

Judge Holden Being "Woke" is a completely fabricated and slave-like follower of progressive fanaticism. De-cucked is the Opposite. It is a real awakening to the facts of life, the harshness and actuality of life and the values and actions that can make life worthwhile for yourself and others.

david said...

paul Scott can't expalin anything. He is a rock spider.