Monday, September 23, 2019

Rogues gallery....

Always attack the man not message and pile on unrelenting pressure is the far right mantra when attacking anybody or anything that smacks of leftyism..I just made that word up....but you can use it if you want.

I thought the post on Trudeau’s many hats a tad offensive, not to Trudeau but to thousands of others who wear or have worn some of the  outfits.

Starting with the kilt, Trudeau is descended from Scots and French so what would he wear at highland games... a track suit? Perhaps a bowler would be more appropriate than a stetson at the Calgary stampede? He is more entitled to wear a kilt than the NZ Regt that wears on behalf of all kilt wearers an apology is due....Americans don’t understand the finer nuances of the British commonwealth.....but moving on.
But wait, who is this playing dress up...not John Key surely.

Good old Boris, still can't get his hands out of his pockets.
Big hair man needs bigger hat.

How did David Cameron get here?

Wow.. a stetson, hope he's got permission from Justin.

Bloody copycat...can't be anywhere but the centre of attention.

Is that? it can't be...but it is.

And finally something to upset the far right....there is an Islamic tartan.

Lots more lovely photo's but I suspect you are all getting bored now. I know it's a silly post but not quite as silly as the one that instigated it.


alloy said...

yet, not a black face (or white) among them.

I personally couldn't care less if Trudeau wore a costume to a party twenty years ago.

It's all his whining about it that makes him a tosser.

Anne Tiffa said...

Well said, Egbut.

Hunter is obsessed with people like Trudeau because, although far from perfect, Trudeau has achieved more than just accumulating wealth by theft, fraud and deception.

Even worse, Trudeau Fils is tarred by the Hunter hatred of anything progressive, so well executed in Canada by Trudeau Pere. One of his many achievements was to get homosexuals out of the closet and grant them equal rights. This, for Hunter, was a bridge too far.

You see, Hunter grew up in an era where playing the game of "Bash a Poof" was a right of passage. And there were no more skilled players than your local, everyday, friendly "beat cop". Hunter sees any affording of dignity to homosexuals as an affront the values his father passed on to him. It was his right to attack gay men, bash his wife if dinner was late, bash her again if she "had a headache", thrash his children for daring question his "authority".

Hunter is a perfect example of PUA's Incels, and Proud Boys.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...
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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Adolf....calling a poster "syphilitic" not on... No. 1 point

Number two least Campy addressed the subject.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What a humourless lot!!!!!

A mere play on words.

BTW He/she/it is not a poster. A commenter, but not a poster. You are a poster.

Anne Tiffa said...
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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Missed that one......was out shopping. Not me guv.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Adolf......aparently he deleted comment was by Campyo......did you do that?......Run it by me again.

Anne Tiffa said...

Egbut, once again the arrogance of the Fink knows no bounds. He took it upon himself to delete a comment, made by me, pointing out his idiocy in trying to differentiate between posters and commenters. Basically, Adolt can't tell shit from sugar, his arse from his elbow, his wife from his dog.

Your blog, his rules.