Friday, September 20, 2019

Just lay back and think of England....(update)

 In 1998 I was laying on top of a scaffold trying to clean 19th century plaster off 16th century beams in the hotel I had just bought when a bloke in a top hat and a blackface poked his head into the bar and said  “oi, where’s the gaffer...I want a word”.

That was my first introduction to the Silurian Morris dancers. Unknown to me there  had been a dance festival planned for this year and he was booking space and asked if it was OK to dance in the bar...slightly bemused and quite unaware of what I was letting myself in for I agreed...another story.

The reason for the black face by the way was disguise in that in the 18th and 19th century dances could express a political twist and taking the piss out of the king was common also many of the dancers were poachers whose likeness was usually pinned under the market house.

The Americans being the sensitive souls that they are have no idea of British culture or the long tradition of traveling  players where every one played different parts including men as women, women as men and everybody as Chinese, negro... hence the principal “boy” in the pantomime.

Something most beloved of Dodger was the BBC Black and White minstrel show shown in NZ  (and Canada) in the sixties and early seventies. It was not disrespectful or considered racist in it’s day. It was based on the Al Johnson era.

Only the modern generation of Americans get offended and make a song and dance (pun intended) about blackface due to their own racial tensions and problems but for the life of me I do not understand how you can politicise this by using terms such as lefties and the right.

I was reminded of a Nigerian TV sketch I saw in the 70’s where in taking the piss out of their ex colonial masters they dressed up in pith helmets and white face. In those days Nigerian TV was “live” so no record exists of it unfortunately.                                                                

UPDATE>>>>For those who think I am some sort of apologist for Trudeau they would be wrong......I don’t like him as he sails under the false colours of Liberalism when in reality he is a faux liberal.

He painted himself as a  devout supporter of minority communities and used this platform to win an election in Canada. But beneath all these proclamations lie a slew of controversial policies. Trudeau has been outspoken about his support of refugee communities, yet this April he introduced a bill making it far more difficult for migrants to reach Canada. Much media hype surrounded the arrival of Syrian refugees yet it was Trudeau who supported airstrikes perpetuating the creation of refugees.

When Trump overturned  President Obama’s barring of the building of the Keystone pipeline, Trudeau wasted no time to tip up at Trump’s side, signing an agreement for the pipeline which not only impacts the environment but destroys land of the First Nation population in the area. And applauded for a gender-equal cabinet, Trudeau’s government refused to approve electoral reform which would have given more women access to becoming politicians.

Similarly, after claiming to lead a radically transparent administration, Trudeau found himself embroiled in corruption allegations after helping Quebec-based construction company SNC-Lavalin avoid a corruption trial. His government was said to have pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould, the first indigenous woman to hold the position of Justice Minister, to support SNC-Lavalin, leaving her to resign and state the Trudeau government is misogenistic  Trudeau also made a campaign pledge of $2.4bn in aid to support education in First Nation communities which First Nation leaders say has yet to appear.
No, I suspect the Liberal party are thoroughly sick of him and hopefully will elect another leader.  One Trump per continent should be the rule.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Some accuracy please! The original quote is 'Just lie back and think of England.'

pdm said...

Egbut - Al Johnson or Al Jolson?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


That brings back wonderful memories.

Dai Frances, John Boulter and Tony Mercer.

Those guys taught me to sing.

paul scott said...

So there we have it then Trudeau is a false liberal he's not a proper Marxist at all.
He has some Capitalist tendencies sort of like like a scrambled egg.

david said...
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