Saturday, September 21, 2019


On Friday 20th, Chris Trotter alludes to Chess in his post on the Sarah scandal and the attempts to keep Ardern out of the septic tank. In chess it is all about keeping "The King" safe.

Is Grant Robertson a Queen, A Bishop, A Knight or a Rook? I am going to place him as the queen and that is no connection to his private life. But he does seem to have a freedom of movement greater than a Bishop, Knight or Rook in his efforts to promote the perception that the Fairy-Dust-Sprinkler had not "SEEN" any reference to sexual assault.

Some are claiming that Robertson still has some links to honesty - within the Political definition that word has in the probity deficient world he inhabits. But for me any hint that he was better than the mob totally evaporated one night during a live-feed on State TV from a sports bar. It was all designed to portray how he was, in-truth, one of the blokes; a rugby supporting, beer drinking, all-round Kiwi Bloke.

In the midst of this he was asked, without any drama, "was his recently married Partner"Alf" present with him? In a nano-second the reply came without pausing: "Oh no he is at home", while those who followed the recent nuptials - performed by the current Health Minister and retired padre, one David Clark - immediately noticed a fellow very closely resembling Alf carrying a jug of beer and passing through the camera shot from left to right.

Not much room for Plausible deniability there Grunter. Just another lier found out to be telling lies with a straight face and much aplomb.

It is suggested that Robertson has a very close personal relationship with Sarah's alleged sexual assailant - in fact that perp is claimed to have been the manager of Robertson's campaigns for the party leadership.

It is also alleged that "the perp" is judged by many in the party to have a value far greater than the dozen unfortunates who were persuaded to place their trust in "The Party" to have their allegations resolved rather than the Police!

It almost defies belief that a political party that is supposedly the natural home for #MeToo-feminists, womens rights groups and a battalion-strength group of women who would send all stale-white-males to the Knackers yard, should have no empathy for a dozen young Labour acolytes who are alleging bad things happened at the hands of a powerful and still deemed so-valuable-as-to-be-untouchable, Overlord.

I am not so politically naive as to think this will end a career for Ardern, Robertson or any other whitewash artist, but it is a stretch when the faithful still go into bat for them without a moments hesitation.

Is it a step too far to suggest perhaps the old mantra in regards to stupidity - that it is better to remain silent than speak and remove any doubt - might be a better ploy?

Cuddling a corpse can only be good for a short time as it very soon begins to become odiferous and with rotting matter of any sort the odours are not nice.

We're at day-12 and the mantra - a scandal that lasts past eight days is a serious one - remains in play.

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