Saturday, September 21, 2019

For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?

Justice does happen sometimes, so it's possible that Justin Trudeau's real political problems will catch up with him in the upcoming Canadian election.

Pierre Trudeau, Dec 1971

But in the meantime we should all simply have a good laugh at the lightweight clown who traded entirely on his father's prestige.

Admittedly that itself was built largely on media image-crafting of the day. I mean, just look at that hair on a guy born in 1919. Just so not-square, baby.

For me, his son has been Prime Minister Zoolander from day one, and the various controversies he's found himself embedded in are a result of being both a helium flesh balloon and a fake.

He's never really believed in doing politics in any but the old ways, which is why he's currently on the hook with his own side of the ideological and political fence for several things that he claimed were important when first elected in 2015 - but now appear to be less important.

Without going into detail it's better to take some of Justin's Pronouncements From On High.
The day Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada’s prime minister, he stood on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill flanked by the 15 women and 15 men he’d appointed to his cabinet. A reporter asked him why he felt such a gender balance was important and Trudeau, pausing for only a beat, held his palms up to the sky as he replied, “Because it’s 2015.” It was a sound bite heard around the world.
Several of those strong woman have now quit, explicitly because of Trudeau. One - his former Justice Minister - made damning, detailed testimony to the Canadian Parliament about the business corruption of Trudeau and his team. It's about as close to a Constitutional crisis as one gets, but it has had almost no media impact outside the nation because.... well, Canada.

Same with AGW/Climate Change...
“No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there. The resource will be developed. Our job is to ensure that this is done responsibly, safely, and sustainably.”
You can ignore that last sentence as it's just boilerplate pablum. The key words are "The resource will be developed". Well of course it will be; Leftist governments are sure every problem will be solved by throwing more money at it; it's basically their definition of what good government is. That money has to come from somewhere and it's either this or increased taxes-borrowing. Why do that when there's oil in that ground?

Justin and Canadian Lefties know this in their hearts. But they just can't help themselves from virtue signalling, and they're not ashamed when caught out because their hearts are pure

And their opposition is EVIL.

That Tweet sums up Trudeau and his ilk perfectly well. But so does this...

That's it actually. An actor! An empty frontman for the Canadian "Liberal" Party. As this article pointed out, it's their basic strategy for the upcoming election:
The front for the Liberal campaign has been Trudeau making a frankly listless and uninteresting argument about good governance and affordability. The bulk of it has been a country-wide values argument from which the leader was carefully insulated, but executed on his behalf, and its message has been: These are bad people we are running against. They don’t deserve your vote.
To say the least, their own actions and inactions in government, even aside from Zoolander himself, have knocked a few holes in that strategy, of which "Blackface" is merely the latest, and most inconsequential.

But he says all the proper things, like this eulogy when Castro died:

The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read
Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too

Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.
While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

PM Zoolander got hit with a lot of funny variations on that one, all of which pricked his vacuousness and ignorance.

Of course you can remain vacuous and ignorant for a very long time if you have the MSM covering for you by spinning Blackface photos as:

  • “face-darkened makeup” 
  • "brownface" (NYT).
  • “darkface” (CNN)

It's facial farcicality, and it actually got so bad that none other than Trudeau himself had to gently chastise his MSM worshippers.

I made a crack to my kids the other day, that at the rate Justin was going he'd start reminding people of the 1970's music group The Village People.

And voila. They found it for me.

I've often compared Prime Minister Adern to Justin Trudeau, and that comparison becomes more accurate with every passing day. The only real question is whether Green-Labour will try to run a similar election campaign in 2020.


Judge Holden said...

So many, many words on the PM of Canada playing dress up, and yet, on the Second Coming of God asking the President of Ukraine to go after one of his political opponents? Dead silence. And people call you a crude, ineffective far-right propagandist. How unfair.

Tom Hunter said...


No comment on Justin's corruption, as detailed by his own Justice Minister?

Of course not: time for a bit of off-topic, Sludgy deflection.

You do realise that it's only been a week since the last MSM "Get-Trump-At-All-Costs" effort blew up in their stupid faces with the implosion of the Kavanugh smear - to the extent that NYT reporters and editors are slamming eachother in public.

Call on me about this when these latest accusations against Trump come from people who have at least a tiny bit of credibilty.

Besides, I thought you were against the sort of practices that Biden & his family have employed in the Ukraine for years now.

Okay - that was a rhetorical question as we know your concerns on any matter are ideological and partisan rather than "principled".

But Biden's Democrat opponents won't be so sanguine. Should be fun: do they support Trump in this or not?

Anyway, I'm sure at least one author here will soon grant your wish.

Andrei said...

Judge Holden - Hunter Biden is a worthless wastrel who among his other (non) accomoplishments in life was cashiered from the US Navy.

After the USA installed their own quisling Government (with its neo Nazi elements) in Ukraine (a project of Joe Bidens) Hunter Biden was given a extremely lucrative sinecure on the board of a Ukrainian gas company (Burisma Holdings) run by an extremely dodgy Olgarch, Mykola Zlochevsky.

If the current President of the USA asked the current President of Ukraine to investigate the Ukrainian elements of this there is nothing wrong,

What we are seeing here is banana republic levels of corruption in the higher levels of the US Government.

And if Donald Trump can fix it all power to him

Tom Hunter said...

My goodness Andrei, your proposition may meet some opposition from unexpected quarters! After all, you're blaming Obama for the whole Ukraine-Nazi thing, no?

There might be some commentators here that object to that argument?

On the other hand, your argument - and it's Putin's of course - chimes in perfectly with wonderful stuff like this story about Coca Cola and Nazis:
In 1933, the year Adolf Hitler took power in Germany, Coca-Cola’s local unit sold 100,000 cases. The subsidiary’s finances were in shambles, however.

Enter 30-year-old German businessman Max Keith, a giant of a man with an imperious air and a massive greatcoat....

And you don't even have to read great walls of cut-and-paste material to get it.

Mind you, the sort of people who love those arguments are not so happy when you and Putin extend them into the modern day and apply them to their political faves. Cognitive dissonance at its best.

BTW - normally I would not accept such an off-topic posting, but given that you and others will be blindly deleted when an Op-Ed on this subject eventually does appear at NoMinister, I realise you have no choice.

Oh - and I think your theory about Obama and Biden "[installing] their own quisling Government (with its neo Nazi elements) in Ukraine" is complete and utter shite. 😁

Andrei said...

Well Tom much as I enjoy the schadenfreude displayed here and on other blogs at the embarrasment of that sanctimonious prat Justin Treadeau I do note that this is the third post on this topic on this blog

Alas Judge Holden did pull off a thread jack by pressing one of my buttons.

And even if you don't agree with me over how Ukraine came to be in its present state of disarray you must admit Hunter Biden's lucratve position on Burisma Holdings board and how one such as him came to be appointed is extremely interesting - no?

Tom Hunter said...

I'd certainly only expected to do one post, but I just could not resist all those posters showing up on places like Tumblr, and of course the other post was some beweildered effort to talk down the whole Blackface affair as nothing more than a storm in a teacup, which it is...

... except that the whole point here is a Left-Wing toff faceplanting on exactly the sort of issues he and his Leftie ilk are always lecturing others about.

Obviously this crap happens every day on multiple issues, but since it never seems to stop Lefties from lecturing the rest of us, I figure we just have to keep rubbing their noses in events like this.

Though I've given up hope that they'll ever learn: lecturing from positions of power just feels too damned good for them to stop.

Judge Holden said...

Whereas for the right, casual racism is just something they find amusing and is to be embraced.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Funny thing is Sludge, some of the most expert racists on earth are black bastards and they're all Democrats.

Judge Holden said...

Yes. Racist black bastards. Said without a hint of irony. How's that Tommy?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sludge doesn't comprehend the difference between irony and reality.

They people to whom I refer are black and they are bastards of the first order.

The Veteran said...

Holden ... remove the scales from your eyes. Racists are to be found across the political spectrum. Do your recall Hone Harawira saying he wouldn’t want his daughter going out with a Pakeha while a Chardonnay Socialist acquaintance of mine would echo that in respect of his daughter and Maori.

Judge Holden said...

Interesting that the first thing you note is the colour of their skin ain’t it, Adolt? Fuckwit much?

Tom Hunter said...

See this is why White Lefties like Sludgy were so useless in confronting pieces of shit like Mugabe.

Sludgy is the type who screams his brains out at Whites about their "Racism" - but curls into the fetal position when confronted by Mugabe, Harawira and company, because Sludgy's terrified of being called out as a racist, especially in front of his comrades. As a White he knows he has no defense, not even "BUT I'M A SOCIALIST".

So we can add "gutless coward" to his other qualities of being unhinged, violent, and a sociopath.

Basically if you're a shade of off-white, you can commit any crime in front of Sludgy and he'll just sit and watch, perhaps occasionally masturbating to relieve the internal tension, although he's always keen to be invited to join in the beatings.

It's also why he's laid off the Vet, because some time ago he got chided by Psycho and provided with key information, after which Sludgy curled back into his fetal position.

But he still thinks that Adolf is Whiter than Elizabeth Warren, so feels free with the abuse.

Judge Holden said...

Ok, so Adolt’s a racist then? Thanks for the tacit admission, Tommy. I mean it’s hard to argue otherwise given everything he says that’s, you know, racist. You and I agree.

And I haven’t laid off “the Veteran”. Far from it, he’s a cardboard cutout of a right wing sycophant and yes man. It’s just that he’s boring.

And as for masturbation; you read what you write don’t you?

Andrei said...

In fact Judge Holden those on the right are far less likely to be racist than those of the left from the simple fact that the "right" values the individual over the collective.

And thus sees a human being in terms of who they are in terms of accomplishments rather than arbitary charcteristics such as skin color, gender or the lastest bizarre construct for defining an indidual "sexual identity".

And the double standards on display here are astonishing - for example the outrage that would ensue if a white actor made up to look like a Maori and speaking like a maori would if, it could be harnessed and converted to electricity, power Auckland city for years.

On the other hand British actors pretending to be Russians and speaking a weird distorted form of English to represent spoken Russian causes little grief among the woke.

Tell me I'm wrong

Tom Hunter said...

Liberals Clarify Their Racism Is Actually Democratic Racism

"It's not racism---it's democratic racism," Justin Trudeau assured supporters as 78 new images surfaced of him in various shades of brown makeup. "It's totally different from regular racism, and to imply that our racism is the same as the bad kind of racism is ignorant."


Judge Holden said...

Yes, Tommy. Nearly as funny as the piece on the same site about the stained glass window at Liberty University depicting the Second Coming of God. So yes, keep it up.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Andrei.....correction. Hunter Biden was not cashiered from the US navy...he was disharged from the naval reserve for using blow.

Presumably Trudeau's penchant for dressing up is in his own time and a private matter?

Has he turned up at the Ottowa parliament in drag?, then it's none of my business.