Wednesday, August 21, 2019


... for a bunch of economic midgets masquerading as a government of a South Pacific Nation with delusions of grandeur - recently exemplified by splashing millions of precious reserves to tinpot politicians representing open-handed Pacific peoples.

  • Fish and Chip distribution Manager.
  • Ex parliamentary staffer whose Dad was convicted for thieving from the law firm he was bean counter for.
  • Ex Lawyer with some dodgy personal history as a friend and business partner.
  • A Doctor of History who could be seriously preoccupied with the matters alleged to have occurred at a socialist gathering.
  • Daughter of a welfare fraudster.
  • Grandson of a former Labour PM.
  • Bigmouth numpty who brings Cluster f&*k to every portfolio he touches.
  • Ex-padre who loves to imply his Dr of Divinity gives him insight to Health matters while over- seeing a worsening health service, 
  • A minister of Justice whose main training ground was as an indifferent Union lackey: most noted for a serious failure in representing many of the dead Pike River victims.
  • Ex-school teacher so bereft of any ability that he spends almost all his time in witless protection.
  • Son of another school teacher happy to be the marionette for teacher-union-approved policy implementation.
  • The only Minister deemed so appalling that she has the distinction as the only sacked Minister,

Very little evidence of a lack of 'Daft' there, except they are only a sample of the total absence of Business acumen inherent in those who rule over us.

All appointed by the greatest charlatan of modern NZ politics in the last forty years and presided over by possibly the most biased and partisan speaker ever, they think they collectively have the business nous to sit in judgement on the performance of the Energy Companies selling most of the fuel for NZ Motorists, on the flimsy assertion that NZ motorists are being ripped off.

One of the bigger players, now "Z", was purchased from international big oil player, Shell, by NZ investment company Infratil to the tune of 20%, wit another major share-holding of 20% by the NZ Superannuation Fund.

Here in the South Island there are two fast growing independents.

First, Nelson Petroleum Products: NPD are establishing a network of manned and unmanned outlets, both undercutting the majors - by a small margin at the manned stations and around 15-18 cents at the unmanned outlets. They're selling fuel, I am informed, that comes from Exxon Mobil.

Second, Oamaru-based McKeown sells fuel at even better discounts through their issued Cards: selling Caltex (now owned by "Z") fuel. The card works at Caltex stations for smaller discounts.
McKeowns have made a mark buying smaller rural and remote outlets abandoned by the Majors and setting them up as unmanned outlets, e.g. Parnassus, Mayfield, Methven etc.

Of course the biggest ripoffs come via the avaricious activities operated by successive governments of all hues - in taxes, levies, and regional imposts that collectively make upwards of half the pump price of all fuel.

Then there is another elephant conveniently unseen by the current economic midgets in the parliament; they have an insatiable appetite for "Taxes" of any shape or guise.

Here is an update, Taxes are mostly paid on declared profits, that is the bit left over after paying wages & salaries, rates, rents, overheads, costs of acquiring product and carting it to retail, insurance, and complying with stupid compliance imposed by governments etc. So any reductions forced by unwise interference by the aforementioned midgets will result in reduced Tax takes.

Two options Muppetts: get out of the way; develop a vaccine for "stupid".


And/orsum said...

A planned economy has never worked. Central planning by bureaucrats ends in failure. Having the cardie brigade set fuel prices is short term alarmist reaction. It is best for the Market to be allowed to operate properly, without government interference

alwyn said...

Is it really necessary to mention that the father of one of these people happens to be a convicted criminal. He is not responsible for his father's actions and, although he has never hidden it, I consider it unnecessary to somehow act as if he is responsible by even mentioning the matter.
If anything I would say he deserves admiration for having overcome the stigma from thoughtless comments about the matter.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

On this occasion I must agree with Alwyn so the same goes for the daughter of a welfare fraudster.

BTW is there only one History Phd in the upper echelons of the party? Wasn't he a train fiddler?

Volkner's eyeball said...

The greatest charlatan has taken over from Once were Warriors "Uncle Bully" and is known as Uncle Utu.