Wednesday, July 24, 2019


What about when it is a GPS?
A function both my cells have and updated as a bonus.
Not so for the GPS in the one year old tow vehicle which does not even know where "home" is, presently reveals we live in a "paddock"?

Afaik using a GPS device has no ramification beyond normal careless use of the vehicle, as potential law breaking


Andrei said...

It is perfectly legal to use your phone hands free while driving GD

It actually is built into most modern cars - apple car play and android auto (which is what I use)

To phone someone you press a button on the steering wheel (or just say hey google for voice control) and say "call Gravedodger mobile" and it initiates the call

You can text as well "Hey Google text Gravedoger mobile I'll be home at 5pm" sort of thing

If texts come in you can ask for it to be read and then it will ask if you want to reply

All of this is legal and it is all voice controlled if you so desire

Andrei said...

Johno said...

Doesn't have to be steering wheel buttons either. Anything not held in your hand is ok. I have unfortunate personal experience here. Stopped at red light in congested traffic, about 6 cars back from intersection. Pick up my phone to enter an address into Google Navigator app. Next thing plod is rapping on my window. He's jumped out of the passenger side of a car a couple back. With a needlessly aggressive attitude instructs me to pull over after the green light.

I get a ticket $80 and 20 demerits. I ask plod to confirm that operating my car's built in gps dash buttons while barreling down the motorway at 100kph is entirely legal. He admits it is. I ask again if he's sure he needs to ticket me for doing this on phone while stationary at the lights. He says yes.

IOW plod is more interested in fulfilling ticket quota than safety. I didn't point out that he endangered safety of cyclist by opening his car passenger door in a lane of traffic - I had a feeling he might break a tail light so he could enhance his ticket.


Andrei said...

Public Service announcement Jonno the android auto app and google assistant can be your saviour!

If you install this, even without a compatible car, you can thenset it up to use voice control to acheive your aims

You say "OK Google navigate to address or "OK Google navigate to the nearest McDonalds" sort of thing


What the video does show is that you can use voice control with the Google assistant if you set that up right and your phone is not too ancient - so you don't have to touch your phone