Tuesday, July 23, 2019


There it is, black and white, value #6 from the Green Party website.     Not too much of that in evidence from their response to the hard-hitting attack from Simon Bridges highlighting how the Greens propose to punish ordinary Kiwis who can't afford, don't want to buy into their electric cars for all meme, being promoted by the gummit.   

Mocking Simon Bridges' accent is hardly respectful and a direct personal attack and cheapens an alread cheap message predicated on a lie ... all about playing the man and not the ball.   Bridges is quite right in highlighting the hypocrisy and down right lie behind Julie Anne Gender's statement that the impost is only a 'small fee' that users will be happy to pay ... small fee ... an additional $4,500 on the cost of an average new car and $2,500 on the average used car.    And all this from a Minister who enjoys chauffeur driven transport at zero cost to herself.

Interesting that the Greens have now 'pulled' their criticism.    Don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why ... just how many ways can you spell h y p o c r i s y.

This is certainly the 'year of 'delivery' by St Jacinda and the CoL.   New petrol taxes, increased unemployment, more people seeking hardship payments from MSD, rents on the up and up, Kiwiflop, manufacturing in crisis and all 'she can do is to lecture a crowd of Victorian socialists on how good she is.   


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

An interesting take on electric and Hydrogen powered cars.....There are two ways to handle this, start preparing now for 2030 or to stand back in astonishment and say "Fuck I didn't see that coming."

List of countries who will stop manufacture of P and D cars by 2040...Volkswagen and Volvo in 2026. Once that ball starts rolling you can't stop it



Fossil fuel cars will get more expensive and electric cars will become cheaper and more efficient and don't discount hydrogen in which amazing advances have been made

Governments are already making it tough.....I nearly fainted when I found out that if I want to re register my car in the UK, my road tax based on emissions is NZ$2600 per year (2.7 CDI Merc)....and this was slapped on by the nice Tory Govt.

Rents are rising..surprise surprise....that's what happens when you turn your housing stock into the winner takes all wild west.

Rents are not rising in France or Germany and rent control is returning to Paris after flirting with the "free" market.

Mocking Mr Bridges accent is not respectful but neither is mocking our PM's dental structure, age, sex or intelligence.....wont take this any further.

Everyone screamed blue murder when the CGT was proposed, they then shouted hypocrites when labour canned it on the basis they thought it may lose the Govt. the next election......so other taxes have to go up. So it's stand back in astonishment and say " Fuck, I didn't see that coming"

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Forgot to add that in 2021 the road tax will exceed the value of the car.

As Wiggo/Kimbo/Chunter have unlimited knowledge and never short of advise I await in eager anticipation.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, yes - it turns out Green Party members aren't comfortable with attack ads the way National's members are, and the Party listens to them. That's one of the things I like about the Green Party.

I thought it was pretty funny that a fairly accurate imitation of Bridges' accent is said to be "mocking" it. Those people presumably consider it an accent deserving of mockery.

Psycho Milt said...

Also: the many attack ads from National on this subject, like their attacks based on the government not making the road network better for diesel trucks, underline National's hypocrisy re climate change, ie they give lip service to the idea while their actions show they're actually deniers. A bit of honesty from them for once would be a refreshing change.

Hal said...

The ad got taken down, which shows their fundamental decency. Unlike you I would point out Veteran. SLG! St Jacinda! COL!!!! No, no mindless name calling and abuse for you.

And the National Party’s newly found concerned for the poor is fascinating and overdue, if completely misplaced, as they’re not in the market for large SUVs. Where do you stand on welfare reforms?

Andrei said...

The ad which got taken down Hal shows the banality of political debate in New Zealand and the Western World.

The whole climate change debate is inane - it relies upon defining a componant of the atmosphere essential for life as we know it as a "pollutant"

The empty babble coming from our chattering classes never ceases to amaze me - its a distraction of course

The really hard problems it would be good to address are well beyond the capabilities of our political classes so they divert with the crap they fill our airwaves with.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Andrie.....that is your opinion, any chance of of a summary instead of doing a Kimbo?

A Non said...

Watch out Egbut - asking andrei for a considered argument is likely to lead to him posting more pictures of bearded men in drag. :-)

The Veteran said...

PM ... I forgot to add that while pointing out the hypocrisy of the Greens I forgot to thank them for the massive own goal. The original u-tube video was probably destined to be viewed by just the National Party faithful and political junkies ... then along came the Greens with their foot in mouth moment and that, combined with the One News expose, ensured the attack ad went viral ... free publicity per courtesy of the Greens ... hurts ... you betcha.

For Hal ... I'm not bound by stupid values that mean nowt when push comes to shove and, I guess, neither are you. You accept 'Shonkey' as part of the territory just as your mob have to do with the various descriptives thrown at them. Get over it.

As for my concern for the poor ... I'll go for hand-up over hand-out any day of the week.

Psycho Milt said...

What original YouTube video? Was the Greens' one a send-up of an actual National attack ad or something?

The Veteran said...

Milt ... yep. it certainly wuz a National Party attack add (quelle suprise but that's what Oppositions do) but, rather than argue the merits of the case, the Greens decided to indulge in a personal attack on Bridges which was contrary to one of their stated vales and then pulled their response when they realised the hypocrisy of it all.

The Veteran said...

Further Milt .... Chris Trotter sums it up pretty well at http://bowalleyroad.blogspot.com/2019/07/the-greens-used-to-be-so-likeable-whats.html

Psycho Milt said...

quelle suprise but that's what Oppositions do

They do? Can you point to the Labour or Green attack ads from 2-10 years ago? Personally, I think it's not what "Oppositions" do, it's what "Americans" do, and it's pretty gross seeing that approach gain traction here thanks to alt-right fuckwits in the National Party.

...rather than argue the merits of the case, the Greens decided to indulge in a personal attack on Bridges...

So, it's fine for the Opposition not to argue the merits of the case but instead put out disingenuous lies in the form of attack ads, but it's a terrible thing if some other party decides to make an attack ad in response? Special pleading, much?

As for Trotter, his "back in the good old days, when socialists were socialists and I was relevant" blather has comedy value only.

The Veteran said...

MIlt ... methinks you protesteth too much and while both Labour and National have been doing it for some time your mob have decided to join them contrary to what the Greens parade as one of their core values.

Have a look at https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10538563 while you reflect on your post.

Psycho Milt said...

Wow, Labour really were desperate in 2008, weren't they? They sure got punished for it by the voters, too. I guess desperation can lead a party to do things like that. Explains Nationa's current enthusiasm for attack ads, maybe?

The Veteran said...

So it was desperation that led the Greens to do it then ... I guess truth hurts right up there with hypocrisy.

Psycho Milt said...

In their case, looks like somebody got overenthusiastic and was then slapped down by the membership. On the other hand, if they make a habit of it desperation will be the likely explanation - can't picture it though, they've nothing to be desperate about.