Monday, July 22, 2019


A while ago there was every prospect that Australia would be led in July 2019 by a nice man married to Chloe, daughter of a previous Governor General of the Lucky country. Well that was the prediction of endless polling during six years of Coalition government  anyway.

Alas, Mr Shorten ran a campaign promising to blanch retirees savings, spend gazillions on rorts around climate change, raise further what are already nearly the worlds highest electricity charges, and end the biggest earner for the great state of Queensland: coal.

It ended in tears, with many years of poor polling that terminated two liberal Party Prime Ministers; Abbott and Turnbull leaving "Scomo", aka Scott Morrison, the last man standing to face certain electoral execution.

Things turned out a tad  different, with Shorten demolished and Scomo reinstalled as Federal Prime Minister.

Clearly though - during those heady days when Victoria continued their dance with the socialist devil and Shorten acting the part of Prime Minister in waiting with growing arrogance - some bright spark made a move to have the woman that a good number of Australian voters would really like to be their Prime Minister, come over to Melbourne and tell the adoring socialist "A" listers all about her astonishing success as a 'world leader', booking the town hall for an invited guests only orgy of self indulgence.

In a move that has many students of realpolitic in NZ gasping at the assumption of arrogance, Ms Ardern shunned the state carrier, Air NZ, and appropriated a rather dodgy RNZAF 757 to cart her sad arse, that of her current resident Live-in-Lover, and a coterie of sycophantic media persons who having been anointed as totally reliable, in tow. Away they all went courtesy of the NZ tax payers.

The town hall meeting reported to be attended by "Thousands" was actually less than two thousand, technically thousands but nowhere near the image portrayed in the reports. who sat through a lecture from Dear Leader.

A post-match press conference was not well received by the cuzzies, as Dear Leader did not want to risk any embarrassing questions not rehearsed, so only took questions from those who she had carted across the ditch, who at that time were holding every hope she would bring them back to publish the glowing success of the jaunt. This left some Aus political media persons a little perplexed at being shut out of the 'conversation'.

Toss in a few minutes and a photo-op with Scomo and his missus Jenny, who presented Dear Leader with another bit of fluff for little Neve, and it was back home to domestic bliss for the first family and the ever reliable media stars with pens poised - or I guess, fingers hovering over iPhones.

Bugger! The bloody "Ronair" trip unravelled rapidly; Air Force One declining to continue the charade. Then - with some poor beggars paying their own way, shunted off a commercial flight - Her Highness was accommodated back to Auckland, sans the media entourage, who were left to discover their own way back home.

This was not an 'Official country to country' diplomatic show, it was a Socialist promotors dream stunt, with a gidday from the Federal PM thrown in, along with another few minutes of indulgence with like-minded Danial Andrews, Labor Premier of the Victorian Peoples Republic.

Maybe a few more media pigmys might get a glimpse of the "Emperess" with only underwear to hide the blushes, but just as the daughters used to say during their sojourn at Turoa Ski Field c1990, there will be more on the next Bus.

What is the betting there is another NZ Political poll about to be conducted, as there has been some concerted Womens Day stuff dominating what passes as political reporting of late.

Some socialist apologists are making light of the embarrassing long weekender, by raising another 757 failure carrying then PM John Key and a business delegation to India in October 2016 that had to be replaced with the other Boeing 757 during a scheduled refuelling stop, causing a 24 hour delay in  North Queensland's Townsville.

That was entirely different; a concentrated delegation of business and political leaders attempting to advance a NZ-India free-trade effort - not a socialist wet dream PR trip to take advantage of a Shorten Government victory, with a big splash in the Capital of the most Socialist State of the Federation.

Sorry sad arses not even close.


Snowflake said...

Sorry, what? Your JDS has driven you even crazier. Loving your hatred though, old fella.

Psycho Milt said...

That was entirely different;

Indeed - the dodgy plane that time was carrying a politician Gravedodger approves of.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Max capacity of Melbourne town hall is full house then.

Fuck The Old Cunt said...
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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Sorry Dodger...I intruded and deleted a really Vile comment that had no place on this blog. I may agree the sentiments but not the expression.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well don, Legbut. And ell spotted on the Melbourne Town Hall.

Grinning Reaper said...

eggie, every word in that comment was true. He is a vile POS, he lacks basic humanity, and he has no place in civil society.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

It's not what you say, it's how you say blog ruless at upper right.