Sunday, June 16, 2019

Life in the alternative universe

The crackpot president of the USA has so snarled up the gangplank to truth these past 29 months that no matter how much “evidence” he and his crew produce to prove that the Iranians have been trying to blow up oil-tankers in the Gulf – or not quite blow them up – the pictures have a kind of mesmeric quality about them.

Trump's 2017 inauguration photos were edited to “prove” that there were more supporters on the Washington Mall than actually went there. And now his administration, anxious to prove that the Iranians are attacking oil tankers, releases video footage of Iranians actually removing a limpet mine from the hull of a Japanese vessel.
Well that proves it then, doesn’t it? Those pesky Iranians can’t even bomb their targets professionally – so they go back later to retrieve a mine/mooring clamp because it probably says “Made in Iran” .

Because that would give them away, wouldn’t it? Then it emerges that the tanker crew believe they were attacked with airborne munitions – and mines don’t fly. Another crew on another bombed ship suggest a torpedo. And on the basis of this, Washington is now “building a consensus” among its allies for the “decisive” response which Trump’s Saudi chums are demanding against Iran in revenge for these and earlier non-lethal attacks off the Emirates.

 When US munitions – dropped by the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates – are blowing up Houthi rebels, schools, hospitals, wedding parties, etc, in Yemen – why should it be surprising if the Houthis use Iranian munitions to try to blow up Saudi airports? With a little more training, the Houthis might even reach the technical prowess of their Saudi and Emirati enemies by also firing rockets at schools, hospitals and wedding parties, etc, in Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps it’s the sheer exhaustion of reading through the volumes of mendacity from the White House on Trump’s support for the Middle East’s vicious Arab dictators and head-choppers – and corpse chopper-uppers – that I’d almost convinced myself that it was the deceitful, lying, belligerent Iranians who reneged on the solemn nuclear deal, falsely claiming that Washington had not honoured the agreement.

But then, of course, I remembered that it was the deceitful, lying, belligerent Americans who reneged on the solemn nuclear deal signed by everybody except God, falsely claiming that Tehran had not honoured the agreement.
But that’s life in Trumpworld right now.
The Iranians, who have always understood the west much better than the west has ever understood the Iranians, know very well how to deny a drone here and a limpet mine there while ever more diligently tugging another feather or two out of the American eagle. The Iranians are no innocents.

Courtesy of Robert Fisk


Tom Hunter said...

Or you could just all read the original article by Robert Fisk here at MSN News....

... from which all of the above is just cut and pasted.

Except for this bit from Fisk...

Personally, I suspect the Iranians have been up to their old mining tricks in the Gulf, first practiced in 1988 on the super-tankers which the US Navy was escorting up to Kuwait at the end of the Iran-Iraq war...

Funny how that didn't make its way into this article - with sections both before and after it copied and pasted.

Showing this as an actual quote, plus the link to the original article, is also standard blog etiquette and good practice if you want to retain credibility - at least whatever credibility you have left after quoting the perpetually hysterical Fisk.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Nice to see you awake at this hour must have been the acknowledgement Courtesy of Robert Fisk I put at the end that gave me away....curses foiled by a master of intrigue.

Adolf, who always seems to escape censorious comment from the sock puppet trio, has taught me everything I know about blog etiquette.

When you are courteous enough to answer my queries then you can lecture me.

Now, that's enough diversion....back to the porky telling bastard Trumpo and the impending hostilities.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to prolong the diversion but I have to say tom Hunter's post is unusually patronizing, pompous and proprietorial.


Snowflake said...

Yep, wee Tommy is like a impolite Carl Benjamin. It’s the look he’s going for. It saves him from having to honestly appraise his own side.

Angelica Perduta said...

Why blame Trump? e.g. He wasn't the one claimed Sadam Hussein had weapons of Mass destruction and then sentenced him to death when they found no evidence thereof. This nonsense has been going on long before Trump was elected and Americans chose him because they hoped he would put America back on track.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

And failing miserably.....not sure how this relates to he present situation but I appreciate your input.

Johno said...

Who do *you* think is behind the attacks, Eggbut?

Cui bono?

Anonymous said...

I haven't searched, but would have thought the video of the vessel allegedly removing the limpet mine from the tanker hull would have tracked it to its home port.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said... idea who. Evidence is helpful.

Speculation is a fine thing as long it remains speculation.

Rogue elements of the Revolutionary Guard a la Rainbow warrior perhaps.

Who gains the most and has the motive...Russia?

Do I think the US is behind it....No, but they are not above taking advantage a la USS Maine.

Need a lot more evidence before rattling sabres and making threats.