Thursday, June 20, 2019

Angel of Saigon

Very good friends of ours recently moved back to the UK after fourteen years in France having sold to a “bloke in the media”.  Two weeks ago  they rang and asked us to pop over and get a few bit’s and pieces that had accidentally been left behind...we have all done that on house moves.

What an interesting afternoon it turned out to be and well worth the 50k drive. It turns out this English bloke used to live in Vietnam and was married to the daughter of one of the NVA’s top generals who was with Ho Chi Minh almost from the beginning.

Cooking wine was breached and I gained some fascinating insights into the country and attitudes following the war. He is a film  producer and currently making a film called Angel of Saigon about a British nurse, Liz Thomas, who ran an orphanage in the city during the height of the war. I wish him all the best in his effort to complete the movie in spite of a few road blocks placed in his path.

You tube it as I have yet to master this fiendish publishing minefield. 

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