Monday, May 20, 2019


I see the AEC are now projecting a possible 77 seats for the Coalition (76 previously) vs 68 for the ALP (69 previously).   They have just called the Wentworth seat for the Liberals having been wrested back from the Independent who took it in the bi-election when Malcolm Turnbull quit in a fit of pique, 

Meanwhile, in a move I find fascinating, Julia Gillard has reentered the 'game' by throwing her weight behind Tanya Plibesek in her bid to become ALP leader.    Her only rival at this stage is Anthony Albenese.   Both are from the NSW 'left' faction.    As I understand it votes are split 50/50 between the rank and file membership and the caucus.   Albanese lost to Shorten last time round despite being the 'peoples' choice.  Appears he has some problems with his caucus colleagues and the intervention by Gillard seems, to me, designed to ensure the caucus picks Plibesek.   I do enjoy blood sports.

The part the climate change debate played out in the election has, I think, implications for us in New Zealand.   For the true believer in climate change there can be no compromise.   It's my way or the highway.   Clearly the affluent have the ability to indulge in absolutes.   The blue-collar worker doesn't.    They can figure it out for themselves that its the moral argument vs the economic argument and when push comes to shove the economic argument (jobs) wins hands down.   The trick is to balance the two arguments and certainly neither the ALP there, nor the CoL here, have come anywhere near to figuring out the middle ground.    In New Zealand the proposed carbon emissions legislation will have a substantial impact of the farming sector and certainly result in job loses while e the  decision to end oil and gas exploration, big on virtue signalling, may well led to an increase in our carbon emissions signature.

A number of Oz commentators called it the climate change election and the loser of the argument stayed on the Opposition benches.        


Anonymous said...

Tanya has just ruled herself out. She probably sees Labor's time out of office will be a long one and didn't want to be another Goff/ Shearer/ Cunliffe/ Little
And Labor definitely has deserted the blue collar workers ibn all the mines (and related industries) for the urban liberal vote. They won't get that back in a hurry.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'd have to say Shorten's handling of the climate change issue was one of the most reckless pieces of campaigning I can recall.

As an aside, interesting to see how all the traitor Turnbull's craven followers scuttled for the exits when they thought they'd be going into opposition. There for the good times in government, not there for the hard yards.

How ironic that the media and pollsters have cleaned out the dissident elements from the party, leaving PM Morrison free to get on, unhindered by these fools, with running the country.

The Veteran said...

Fascinating the news that Tanya P has edited herself out saying 'now is not the time'. One might infer from that she thinks the ALP leadership is a poisoned chalice with 2022 a lost cause but that post the next election she is ready, willing and able to accept the challenge to pick up the pieces.