Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Dear Madam,

Please pardon my rather forward approach, my intentions are honourable.

When approaching a drowning person the greatest danger to a rescuer is the drowning person in an act of desperation may disable the rescuer and both drown.

At my college mid 20th century all third formers were given a basic survival approach based on the Bronze medal level of the Life saving awards as a part  of the Physical education curriculum then in place. This technique could be of assistance to you.

For a would-be rescuer, be aware, approach from a safe direction, grasp the drowning person and reverse them until they are on their back with the rescuer able to back stroke to shore, supporting the patient from behind.

I hope this is of some help in a current situation you seem to be struggling with as evidenced on the wireless this morning.

Best wishes and kind regards,

ps no acknowledgement or thanks required, I am aware how busy you are.


Anonymous said...

Bet yah didn't e mail her direct.

The Veteran said...

Anon 9.49 .... devoid of any sense of whimsy. FYI ... PM's don't do e-mails (except from the likes of the Richie Hardcores of the world) They get filtered out by some minion. I know, done it myself.

alloy said...

Her performances on Hosking are shocking.

He practically spells out what he'll likely to ask her throughout the week and she still arrives unprepared.