Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Post Oz Election

Half an hour ago PM Morrison got his clear majority with the winning of Chisholm.   Can anyone imagine what the result would have been had Turnbull not been booted?

The Libs need to move to expel Turnbull from the party.   They don't need a vindictive flailed leader around the place at the next election.

In my view, astronomically high electricity prices are the most important issue which must be quickly resolved.  From cheaper electricity flows employment and economic growth and another win in 2022.

Happy days!


The Veteran said...

Adolf ... I disagree with the notion that Turnbull should be expelled. What would that achieve? He, like Abbott, is yesterday's man but, unlike Abbott, I can't see him picking up an o'seas sinecure ... and neither he should although Greenland, now that's a thought.

I see the Liberals are ahead both in Bass and Macquarie being the only two remaining seats to be called. Should they both come through the coalition will have 78 seats (two more than last time) and a decent cushion.

Labor must feel they've been shat on from a great height. Actually it's called democracy. Happens when the coalition gets almost 1 million more first preference votes than does Labor.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What would that achieve?

I think it would

1) send a loud signal, particularly to donors, that Turnbull's behaviour is unacceptable. (Remember this idiot had to spend a million of his own dollars last election, because donations had dried up.?)

2) let any others who might consider slagging their own party (if there are any) know they will not be tolerated.

3) let the voting public know the party is no longer a bastardized version of Labor but a genuine Liberal Party, much as Menzies envisaged.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Further to last, Veteran, I see Bass and Macquarie have respectively 88% and 87% of the vote counted with each having just one yet to be counted booth.

Must be a hell of a lot of postal and early votes still to be counted.

gravedodger said...

Not sure there Vet, Wayne Swan's Queensland seat of Lilly is not a write off yet either.

I consider Turnbull's behaviour after he got back in spades what he had got minions to do for him just too many times, to be Karma much deserved.
So pleased Turnbull's proxy in Wentworth suffered defeat by David Sharma.

My only hope is that Labor go with Bowen after all it was great policy just not delivered with sufficient diligence and total commitment.

Even the Senate is settling down as manageable. Di Natale can punch a balloon for three years, headlines will be a hard sell for him.
Mathias Cormann made a great fist of the last mob and they were virtually like herding cats this new bunch seem far more pragmatic..

The Veteran said...

GD ... re Lilly. I think the AEC makes the call once the candidate is ahead by 1,000 votes. In this case the margin (for Labor) is 1,113 (on TPP). I ack that that is still over 20% of the vote to be counted and also the fact the the Labor candidate suffered a swing against her of 7.8% on the primary vote while the LNP's candidate recorded a swing in his favour of 2.32%.

Yep, Brad Carswell could win but I think the bet has to be on Labor to retain.