Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I was aware that political parties in Australia are publicly funded,   The formula is a relatively simple one.   Any candidate or party that receives over 4% of first preference votes is funded to the tune of $2.756 per eligible vote.

That can equate to a huge amount of dosh.   Based on the AEC's current vote count  (admittedly incomplete) the coalition can expect to receive $13.79m and Labor $11.22m.   That is in addition to what they can raise from corporates, unions, special interest groups and Joe public.

In respect of the latter and I wasn't aware that, for individuals, donations up to $1,500 may be claimed as a tax deduction.   Political parties ain't charities and that seems to me to be a rort against all other taxpayers.   Still, when in Rome .....

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I was not aware of that. Strangely, unlike NZ, donations to churches are not tax deductible.

Clearly, for Australians, politics is a religion.