Monday, May 6, 2019


Cannabis reform, decriminalisation, medical cannabis, liberalisation whatever.

Any change other than adding medical Cannabis to approved drug therapies will require a rewrite of laws that will create a new door stop for the PM's office.

Driving a vehicle under the influence, already well entrenched with alcohol blood ratios, adding Cannabis another set of detection and enforcement law.

Health and safety in a workplace another mine field.

An arbitrary age limit and everyone knows that such rigid legal rules are stupid when measured against maturity, state of physical health, mental health status, predisposition, combining various substances, diet, and any work around machinery or other attention dependent work.

What to do when a mandatory drug test including alcohol testing reveals another drug present, a drug still deemed unlawful, sheesh who would know.

Say possession for personal use and drug taking are liberalised then the existing law around dealing, importation and tax issues related to the cash flows will all become, well interesting at a minimum.

Recent anecdotal declarations relating to young workers being sought for tree planting in the North are a warning, will anyone bother.

I am very supportive of Medical Cannabis, I am led to believe this has zero THC content,  needs to be introduced forthwith no ifs,  no buts,  no maybes, just do what needs doing.
It is a change that has zero connection to the stupid liberalisation debates around modern Green that most accept is many times the potency of the Hippy stuff made famous or was that infamous at Woodstock and similar  all those years ago.

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