Sunday, May 19, 2019


and won the election the pundits said he couldn't possibly win.  

Shorten did a Hewson and lost he election he couldn't possibly lose and has now walked away from the ALP leadership.

and Australia dodged a bullet.

There are lessons to be learned from the election not the least being that if you over-egg the climate change debate you run the risk of losing electoral support.     Certainly the ALP paid a big price for doing that, particularly in Queensland.   But I suspect that's a message the climate change Nazis will turn a deaf ear to.  

In the meantime spare a thought for David ... nah, on second thought, don't bother.


Kerr Avon said...

Don't worry about David. He can relax in the knowledge that old white men (like himself) are in control.

Tom Hunter said...

The Sydney Morning Herald reports from deepest, darkest Victoria. Key quotes:
Disbelief infected the air.
Meh. Always the case with True Believers.

"Bleak, horrible, depressing and really, unbelievable," recited a woman named Kate, her black cocktail dress a little redundant now.
They still wear black at a Wake do they not? So she's all set.

A young couple appearing close to requiring medical treatment reeled towards the door as Peter Dutton appeared on the big screen...
Seriously? And then Lefties wonder why they get tagged as "snowflakes".

"We’re living in a bubble here in Victoria," .... "We’re not part of Australia. It’s obvious."
Chuckle. I'd bet he actually lives in and means The Peoples Republic of Melbourne. Visited the city for the first time last year to see some old friends and .... well I suppose I should contact them. In a few days.

"Bloody Queensland,"
Could be worse! Could be....

"We’ve become America," a Labor staffer muttered. "Queensland’s Texas and we’ll end up with our own Trump."
You've said it now, chum. I'm looking forward to some detailed analysis, but the whole Climate Change thing seems to have begun to push "working class" folk into the camp of the toffs, and the wealthy pricks who don't worry about the cost of power or petrol, into the arms of Labour.

So yes, shades of all those US Midwestern Blue Collar types voting for Trump and not Hillary perhasp? A great realignment may be underway across the Western world? And the lessons for Jacinda and company here? Interesting times.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I don't think so Chunter. What is becoming apparent is that populist governments elected on the basis of a populist leader cannot enact their populist manifestos that got them elected because it is all pie in the sky and about class and wealth distinction.

The populist far right gained power in Italy and it went down hill from there. The only country in the EU that is in recession and can't even collect Rome's rubbish. Salvini has spent 17 days in his office since being elected and they can't even remove Italy from the Euro currency. They couldn't even get the ethnic corner shops to close early because they were"havens for terrorists and drug dealers", what utter shit.

Trump has rowed back on his promise of Tariffs on EU and Jap cars, that's history now but you wont be seeing any tweets about it.

Mr and Mrs Whirlpool are over the moon as he has lifted the steel tariffs (Mexico and Canada)....what no tweets about that. I'm sure that as it passes from public memory (20 mins?) he will claim a great victory that only he could have achieved.

The answer is simple....he's been read the riot act by such people as Jack Daniels, Mr Harley Davidson, Mr Boeing and others who actually have to trade in this world and if you lash out at countries they lash about that wall Mr President?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What are you drinking? You have described precisely the policies which caused Labor's slaughter at the hands of a happy clappy Christian.

"pie in the sky and about class and wealth distinction. "

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Wake up Adolf....the hard rights favourite word is "the elite" and leave it to the people to put their own distinction on it. As the right appeals more to the lower socio economic's not rocket science.

I wish someone would tell me who the political elite are????

Tom Hunter said...

[Italy]and can't even collect Rome's rubbish.
Meh. Sounds par for the course for Italy. How many governments in the last ten years? The last thirty? The last fifty?

Italy, the only country in the EU that is in recession. Righto. Let's see what the EU Commission says about GDP growth in Spring 2019....

- Poland: 4.2%, populist government at odds with the EU over all sorts of things, like immigration
- Hungry: 3.7%, populist government at odds with the EU over all sorts of things, like immigration
- Italy: 0.1%, populist government at odds with the EU over all sorts of things, like immigration

- France: 1.3%, dynamic, powerful founding member of the EU. Have the riots stopped?
- UK: 1.3%, riven by chaos, doomed to failure, yada, yada, yada...
- Germany: 0.5%, what? Good old stable Germany? The other powerful member of the EU.

You know it may just be me and all those days in the varsity science labs grinding out the stats and the 95% and all that good stuff but.... it looks like you'll have to pop your theory of populism as a fail, right up the old back passage! Although I'll grant that it may not fit with all the other Eggburt theories up there as well.

Tom Hunter said...

the hard rights favourite word is "the elite"

Just translate that into The Ruling Classes, and you'll feel better.

.... As the right appeals more to the lower socio economic groups

Just translate that into The Working Classes, and you'll feel better and....


Well as long as we get to throw Eggburt in the Lubyanka I'm cool with that.

Dos Vadanya!

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Chunter, you are being dishonest with your stats.....All the ex soviet states are receiving bucket loads of cash from the EU and have done for years in order to bring everyone up to parity when the growth figures will even out.

Total EU spending in Hungary: € 4.049 billion. Total EU spending as % of Hungarian gross national income (GNI): 3.43 % Total Hungarian contribution to the EU budget: € 0.821 billion.

Same with Poland......huge amounts are being spent on upgrading the infrastructure neglected during the Russian occupation...... they needed the money for tanks.

A couple of years ago I met one of the ruling classes....he was deselected by his constituent party and is now driving a taxi.

If you are in power you are a ruling class....if you tip up for work as a bricklayer or an insurance broker you are working are just so anxious to divide and why on earth do care what the EU does???......
Just as a reminder, if the EU were to be broken up New Zealand would suffer a huge loss of trade so I have to wonder if you are some sort of traitor to NZ's cause, just like Adolf cheering Trumps steel tariffs on Australia.

RosscoWlg said...

Eggie you really are a comedian,. this has got to be one of your best one liners

"I wish someone would tell me who the political elite are????"

When is joined here Adolf sent me a contract, item 1 was not to tell Eggie who the political elites are. We're all in on it so you're going to have to ask Snowflake , or David, or...... Item 5 swore us to secrecy on the other three items.

But being a really nice conservative underneath my hard capitalist exterior I'll give you a clue...

Your first published story on the site had Mr and Mrs Whirlpool as its subject.....interesting but ding dong, clang bit like breaking wind in the officers mess...bad choice

Here's a clue, its called lateral thinking...if you cant work out who the elites are, flip it around the other way and say to yourself "who aren't the elites"

There you go Eggie, I've just given you your next story... no need to say thanks its all part of the comradeship of the site... comrade!

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

As you haven't actually said anything I'll pass on this