Friday, May 10, 2019


With Trump's economic approval beyond 50% there are a still growing list of Democrats safe in the knowledge they will be the one to finally drive the wooden stake through Trump's heart in 2020,  continuing to dig long after wiser souls might see benefits in stopping that activity.

Last count had 21 contenders all lurching ever nearer to Karl Marx with some of their House of Representatives leadership fearing only damage in continuing the  attempt to end the current presidency by impeachment.

The latest in the Script for an opera with so many comedic threads,  has the attacks now concentrated on William Barr the recently appointed Attorney General, the executive member responsible for the Department of Justice in its oversight for The Courts, and the FBI.
Barr was AG during the Bush 41 era that followed Reagan and he, Barr has enjoyed a reputation as a very good AG with nary a word of opposition until recently
That all ended abruptly when he took the office as AG for a second term as part of Trump's executive, and immediately faced the winding up of The Robert Mueller investigation into Russian  collusion in  the Trump election victory over Hillary Clinton.

Mueller had finally came to a conclusion reached by most apart from the increasingly demented Democrats much earlier,  when the report found absolutely no evidence of Russian Collusion, however in his report he obfuscated around matters of obstruction of justice.
That has created yet another niche for the Democrats to change tack and now are pursuing such matters with renewed enthusiasm.
As a step along that tortured path, one  they considered could be yet another  final solution, the Democrat controlled House Justice committee is seeking AG Barr to be hauled up on his own  by seeking to force him to testify with a view to holding him "In Contempt of Congress"
That would require Barr  to Break the Law.

Some senior Democrats in the congress are becoming aware of the dangers that will present but fuelled by the score of wannabees to become the Democrat challenger for the office of POTUS that seems an impossibility.

Of course a part of the seeming intransigence over whether the Mueller  Report might end the inane obstructionist Democrat tactics, lies in the probable exposure of malfeasance by the Obama administration in using the top management of the Washington FBI Head Quarters, then Director James Comey, Deputy Andrew McCabe and as yet unanswered involvement of Bruce Ohr and then Sec Of Justice Lorretta Lynch to surveil the Trump team anywhere they think might have  helped The  Clinton. campaign.
Not forgetting the absolution By Comey of then Sec State Hillary Clinton destroying devices and refusing to hand files held on a non government PC still unresolved, add in  a meeting on a runway apron between Lynch and ex POTUS Bill Clinton so far described as talking "About family matters" while considering the well known Cosa Nostra use of that word "family"
Obama's part in this is still unresolved But at the conclusion of his reappointment hearing Barr stated he intended to investigate the FBI senior management and The DoJ, that folks is where Barr began to make some real enemies.

Written as a novel by a Tom Clancy or a John Grisham this would make for a great read,  playing out daily in real time it is so very scary.
There is evidence many of the FBI  'family'  beyond the Washington head office becoming increasingly dismayed at the considerable damage being wrought on the once unassailable legends of The "G Men" as the ultimate unable to be bought operatives between the good and the bad.

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