Saturday, May 18, 2019


Today Australia completes the General Election, it has been voting for some weeks, including the head to head between Labor's  Bill Shorten and the Liberal leader of the current governing coalition Scott Morrison, for Prime Minister.

Morrison came to power by the Liberals led by Peter Dutton finally ending the lurch to the left by Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull once tried to become an MP for Labor but failed because a rich prick has great difficulty overcoming the need to be a true Labor person with heavy handed controls under the Union faction, a faction even more dominating than in the NZLP.

The NZ Labour Party suffered from that,  delivering the succession of losers culminating in Little. Cunliffe, who is said to have only secured three votes (one his own) from his caucus when the unions installed him: a caucus that has only a third of the votes in normal leadership contests with the Members and the Union masters (acting on behalf of members) exercising the other two thirds.

Ardern avoided that crap when Little threw in the towel after the 90 day pre-election rule became operative making selection of Labour leader a matter for caucus alone.

Turnbull having failed to become tribal Labor then successfully poisoned a Liberal member in the seat of Wentworth after a series of false starts that might have deterred most and began his climb to the top of his new party vehicle to become Prime Minister.

He became leader of the Opposition in 2007 by knifing Dr Brendon Nelson a year after Nelson  had replaced Prime Minister John Howard who had lost his seat in the Rudd ascendancy. Nelson, a minister in the Howard government had defeated Turnbull  in the tumult of Johnnie being defeated in the election, but Turnbull soon climbed over him in a spill 15 months later.

After another  year it was clear Turnbull had no stomach or any ability to make Rudd's majority beatable so the Liberals turned to Tony Abbott who then failed narrowly to defeat Gillard two years later. Julia Gillard became  PM in a minority administration surviving with the assistance of ex-Liberals Oakshot, Windsor and another tosser, one Peter Slipper who sold his Liberal team down the river to be made Speaker.

Three years on and in a last throw of the dice an already well beaten Labor party in denial made a move in damage limitation, returning to Kevin Rudd in the months leading to Federal polling 2013. But it failed spectacularly with Abbott and his ally the National Country party winning 60% of the lower house to Labor's 37%.

Immediately after Abbott being sworn in as PM some of the Libs with Malcolm Turnbull and Abbotts' Liberal Deputy Julie Bishop as prime players, decided Tony Abbott, although very successful as Opposition leader, had some perceived  problems as Prime Minister. So a mere two years after becoming Prime Minister Emperor Malcolm moved again, wielding his knife in ending the Abbott prime ministership. Another year later he saw the safe majority won by Abbott whittled to a one seat majority and a heart attack away from defeat in the Federal election of 2016.

Two years into that term and the Liberals finally bit the bullet and replaced the treacherous Turnbull with Scott Morrison, after Peter Dutton had done the initial sod-turning on creating the new landscape.

Turnbull again refused to retire from the battle field he had barely survived with his political life but  with his legend in tatters he gave his now ex-colleagues another knife attack,  resigning and placing the Morrison Governments one seat majority beyond reach by supporting "independent" Kerryn Phelps over the Liberal-endorsed Dave Sharma,  in his seat of Wentworth, the wealthiest in Sydney, in a by-election that could have been avoided. Phelps after public endorsement support from The Turnbull family and Labor machinations around preferences became a winner while the Morrison administration became lame duck and almost paralysed.

Malcolm Turnbull is a traitor to the Liberal Party that delivered everything he lusted after, His missus and son Alex have joined the white anting with gusto. Clearly revenge runs strong in the Turnbull family along with the sore loser syndrome.

Bill Shorten is widely predicted to become the 31st Federal Prime minister this weekend and possibly the best equipped and performing prime minister since John Howard was buried by a foul mouthed dreamer in 200, when The Milky Bar kid lookalike defeated Howards government and ended Howards hold on the division of Bennelong held since 1974. Scott Morrison becoming just another body in a count of five, including one who got Lazarused only to be knifed a second time by the nice Mr Shorten, this time fatally. Bill Shorten and Malcolm T are both crafty unconscionable manipulators of political executions, sort of whatever-it-takes types.

Since Johnie's defeat 12 years ago Federal Australia has had as Prime Minister: K Rudd, J Gillard,  Rudd again, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison. An average of two years each in office, and should Shorten make it tonight that trend may well continue as he has a record in preferred Prime Minister polls well behind Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison.

But the Aussie Voter is once more disgusted at the Musical Chairs in Canberra and Bob Hawkes sacrifice two days out from the polls closing may well have tipped the Balance of Power to Saint Bobs old Party, that in itself would be sad as Bob will never know.

Then there is the albatross my colleague The Veteran posted on recently of an alleged rape, unanswered so far, but that should keep Mr bully boy Shorten short on sleep.

Meanwhile Australian Taxpayers will be asked to pay bigly for the defeat of Morrison who has run a terrific campaign, putting an increasingly rattled Bill Shorten very close to losing the unlosable election.

Labor is promising higher taxes for the wealthy, increased CGT rates, reduced currently in operation tax relief for investment properties and an as yet undivulged cost assumed by some to be of multibillion dollars, of carbon tax. Shorten has consistently refused to even estimate such impost and his sycophantic MSM have allowed this major departure from past practice on costing such bribery to be hidden from voters, while Shorten has relied on his "what is the cost of doing nothing" response.

Then there are the still palpable factors that played overly in the demise of the Rudd / Gillard cluster exploited so thoroughly by Tony Abbott. The explosion of refugees euphemistically labeled "boat people" when they were in truth queue jumpers being preyed upon by scurrilous people traders while Labor fiddled. That ploy alone should have all voters in a state of hight dudgeon.

The Australian voters will be able to relax and watch whatever they deliver unfold, but if it is Shorten it will be very expensive for all, including many deluded Labor voters.

Then the next question if Shorten wins, is how long can a much disliked ex-union thug with personality traits more inclined to a Tom Cat than a nice pussy, survive, as knifing Prime Ministers has become a blood sport in the land of people descended from criminals.

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