Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Oppositions seldom win elections, governments lose them.   And boy is this government trying hard to do just that.   Over the last few days we have seen the government walk away from Kiwiflop which now rates as the countries greatest ever social policy failure.   Then Speaker Mallard goes ape with some quite injudicious comments which could well see him facing defamation action.   And yesterday we saw the drip, drip of budget leaks leaving the St Jacinda fuming and the Treasury floundering.    Incompetence vs conspiracy and 9/10 incompetence wins going away.

And now, galloping over the hill to put cream on a succession of clusterf**cks, along comes the Jones boy with the revelation that he lobbied the hapless Phil Twyford (of Kiwiflop fame) to get Stan Semenoff, his cuzzie bro (and campaign donor) appointed to the Board of the New Zealand Transport Agency.    No matter that Semenoff  is currently fighting moves by the NZTA to have the operating licence for his logging company suspended with Jones intervening to try and have the prosecution dropped and no matter also that Jones lobbied for Semenoff to be granted an exemption to bring in foreign truck drivers for his company (against the NZF election manifesto policy commitment to restrict foreign workers coming into the country.

I am increasingly convinced that Jones is operating a high risk f**k you strategy against Jacinda Ardern daring her to sack him in the knowledge that she can't without bringing the government down with the fallback position that, acknowledging they (NZF) are in deep stuk with their voter base  (especially their ever diminishing rural support demographic given Labour and the Greens promoting running the culling of every fourth cow with the Zero Carbon Bill) and that should 'she' do that 'they' can negotiate a sweatheart deal with National to take over the treasury benches with their support.    Peters of course can't be seen as having a part in that hence the Jones boy doing the dirty work.

Problem is it won't work.   St Jacinda might sack him but I suspect National would prefer to go to the country.    But which-way whatever, you can guarantee Shane Jones will continue to give the PM nightmares.    The arrogance is in his genes/jeans.

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