Thursday, May 23, 2019


All jokes aside,  as Mr Speaker The Honourable Trevor Mallard is dogtucker, the knacker needs  a call.

What had the potential as a Monty Python sketch has now moved on to be an insult inflicted on the fragile democracy of NZ Inc.

That he was made Speaker came as a travesty to many who follow the workings of the NZ parliament. Only suggestions of making a poacher the Game Keeper were seen as justification.

But in his Chairing of the Parliament and in particular questions for oral answer, possibly the only opportunity for the Opposition to expose the shortcomings of the party(ies) in power, he is an ongoing disaster.

Yesterday, as if things could not get worse, they did and it should worry anyone with any basic comprehension of the need for Mr Speaker to strive to emulate Caesar's wife, or at least have such a state of probity as near as possible to that moral judgement as a goal.

The release of the report on Bullying has come and gone with little criticism of the Master of old fashioned attitudes being held to account. To make reference to the unresolved accusations  around discovered sexual assaults as; "Parliament has a rapist walking the corridors of power",  should have had universal condemnation as the only response from all involved.

Not only did his spontaneous judgemental blurt threaten due process should the evidence referenced result in an attempt by the constabulary to bring charges, how would every female MP or staffer feel about personal safety working in the corridors of power?

The over egged response to Seymour's assessment of the Melon immigrant MP being a danger to NZ as regards free speech, should fall into irrelevance, when compared to the very real threat to Workplace safety that came from Mallard's ill-considered statements. Guess which case is dominating Magic Talk this morning? Statements that became even more worrying when Mr 7% made his burbled clarifications in a failed attempt in seeking relevance.

Talk about the wrong person out of his depth. This evolving circus needs to be shut down. If that results in the ending of the office for Trev the Muss, so be it. One of the departures from the home of our democracy that saddens is the failure to follow the House of Commons practice of leaving The  Speaker in situ on a change of party government hand over. A laudable tradition that has merit if the notion of leaving bias at the door on appointment is to be respected.

When the two most recent occupiers, along with Margaret Wilson and Gerry Wall, are compared to Lockwood Smith, Peter Tapsell, Ronald Algie and similar well regarded Speakers it becomes clear that change needs to be at least considered.

Maybe my headline does not resonate with the seriousness of this matter but I am not the problem.

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The Veteran said...

I can only repeat what I said in response to an earlier post by GD .... I do think that Mallard is probably regretting at leisure his choice of words in describing the person accused of assault as a "rapist". For Mallard, as Speaker, to use that descriptive leaves any criminal lawyer worth his salt a pathway, an expressway wide, to claim his client's right to a fair trial has been fatally compromised.