Friday, May 24, 2019


Sorry you are wrong "Punchy", most voters are much smarter

Another Labour election promise joins the ever growing bonfire.

The successive mishmash of targets around the master stroke in the propaganda avalanche that fooled  a few voters to think the new look Labour  would really be fairer, the most transparent and transformational administration ever seen in NZ, when it was only another crock of excrement. 

Master of the wardrobe, Twyford slowly reduced the never achievable targets for Kiwibuild from 100,000 in ten years until all targets were abandoned completely when the first year was barely 30 and those few were the result of  the National Governments activity. Of course to anyone with a passing understanding of market delivery of new housing watching the market flatout building houses and selling them so fast the infrastructure demands of such growth have begun to be the roadblock.

Meanwhile Twyfords impossible dream finally delivered tiny boxes with no garage in areas were such "containers" for the "homeless" would never be bought by aspiring first home buyers allegedly "shutout" of the market. So amidst much publicity a couple of relatively comfortable first home buyers became the winners of a lottery, they could never have imagined, A doctor and her current squeeze working in marketing just scraped in before their growing incomes exceeded the upper income limit to qualify and that folks was their idea of proof things were still on track.

That large truck and trailer of BS was so far away from the 'poor people' from 'struggle street'  living in a garage in south Auckland that the whole charade was predicated on in the minds of most voters,  had become an embarrassing fact almost totally ignored in a Media still blinded by the fairydust.

Another set of targets introduced by National in their nine years of neglect where in truth they were focussed on sorting out the expected mess all labour outfits seem to deliver without fail, came with activities in the health sector being measurable and deliverable.  Resulting in significant advances in cancer diagnostics and treatment times,  improvements in emergency department delivery, and primary and outpatient performance, largely from some great work by Tony Ryall.

Mysteriously when Dr (religion not medicine) Clarke came to appointed power things suddenly reduced in delivery,  answer,  take away the targets and no one will be able to prove things are slowly getting worse. Sadly here  in the Village of the Damned, anecdotal evidence is growing beneath the radar that many of Ryall's improvements are slipping away and waiting times for those without insurance are growing. No hard evidence because without a measure and the failings all  burnt or buried,  "no news is good news"

Raising children out of Poverdy another item in the Ardern promise cart, sees a doubling of those deemed to be in that parlous state,  yet again mostly silence in the forest as the crickets chirp.

Now to the latest where the slowing economy and associated reducing tax income sees Stephen Joyce' widely slammed eleven billion dollar hole at election time,  might actually be worse. The answer, totally predictable just remove the target or as the sycophantic MSM are reporting it, alter the promised keep debt below 20% of GDP promise to,  we will make that a "Target Range" 15% to 25% and nothing admitted. The upper limit  not elaborated on, that is what they hope perceptions will reveal while that five percent extra will allow billions to become available with it all a mystery as the compliant MSM wont mention it. With the inconvenient facts around a slowing GDP,  the splashing of money (other peoples,  so what) around like sailers on shore leave, let us access another five or so billion by using that extra 5%.

The voters are not as stupid as those who sit around the table and make Mr  Punchy Grunter look like a modern day Einstein,  while it is clear running out of "Free" money, the ongoing curse of labour governments is becoming apparent to a degree some vacuous bastard might tumble it. So much easier to just change the setting to a meaningless range and assume joe Public wont notice, the old maximum now buried as the middle of the "Range",  will be too thick to see the swindle.

Punchy's con will have a good chance of success, after all who will question it let alone run with it as a scoop when the additional borrowing emerges into the sunlight.


alwyn said...

That extra 5% is in fact about $15 billion. Our GDP is about $300 billion
That should fill the $11 billion hole that Stephen Joyce talked about quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

GDP is actually $293 billion but Mr Robertson thinks its only $80 billion.
Maybe when he was asked the question he thought it was about GDP at the end of the Labour experiment

EH of D

pdm said...

The problem the government have got is that neither Ardern or Robertson understand the importance of detail and particularly as it applies to government accountability.

It is why they failed so dismally on the proposed Capital Gains Tax. Neither of them had the nous or intellectual capacity to sell it to New Zealanders so they left it to Cullen who failed miserably.

Mark my words we are going to see more failures like this between now and the election next year.

Psycho Milt said...

That large truck and trailer of BS was so far away from the 'poor people' from 'struggle street' living in a garage in south Auckland that the whole charade was predicated on in the minds of most voters...

Hang on a minute. Your post posits that most voters are much smarter than Phil Twyford, and yet you say that most voters thought a programme to build homes aimed at first-home buyers was for people living in garages in South Auckland? I know you personally believe Twyford is not very bright, but there's no way he's more stupid than the "most voters" you describe there.

Mysteriously when Dr (religion not medicine) Clarke came to appointed power...

We've been here before. David Clark (sp) earned the title Dr by completing a PhD, whereas medical practitioners are given the title as a courtesy regardless of their level of educational achievement. You may not like that fact, but it remains nevertheless a fact.

alwyn said...

Reply to EH of D

I heard that reply he made to the supplementary question.
I am not a great admirer of Grant but he could have misheard the question and taken it as being a question about Government Revenue or Expenditure. The question was
"what is an additional 1 percent GDP growth worth to New Zealand".
When it was revised slightly to Goldsmiths statement "1 percent of GDP is about $3 billion" he objected saying that "That's not what the member initially asked".
I think it is possible he was interpreting the question as having been "what is an additional 1 percent GDP growth worth to (the) New Zealand (Government)" in which case his answer is about right.
I can't prove this of course but in answering supplementary questions it is a possible misinterpretation for him to make.
God. I never thought I would come to the defense of the gentleman concerned.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well done, alwyn.