Thursday, May 30, 2019


Yesterday while Bridges was releasing a dribble of Budget details over some hours, several arse-covering specialists were spectacularly failing to make headway in their responses.

Lameduck, time-serving head of Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf was screeching - hack, hack, hack - to anyone within earshot. Just as well his departure is fixed as he would have been stretched to avoid a DCM.

Grunting sweat pants claiming it was all made up, as many of the Nats claims were wrong, but then in another moment of confusion begged National to stop being mean and cease releasing  more of the "incorrect" figures.

Stewart Nash on Hosking echoing.

Jacinda asking what exactly is a budget.

Winston Peters whose support party appears to be the big beneficiary, saying all the figures were made up.

His appointed heir apparent Shane Jones called for the "Hacker to be beheaded with a Maori culturally appropriate weapon of war.

The  Gree Melons were away with the fairies as getting involved would reveal them at their true value,  ie. not very important.

Mark Mitchell on Hosking with Nash was extremely ebullient and emphatic that the information being slowly dripped out by the National Leader was "Lawfully"  obtained and leaked not "hacked'.

The police were called in by Treasury to find and sanction the "Hacker"???

Well 24 hours is a long time in politics especially when everyone is trying to ride the pony at the same time.

This morning, clearly after a long night at the grindstone, the NZ Police informed NZ that the material leaked, not hacked, was obtained from a website able to be visited by anyone with the Masochistic urge to do so.

No unlawful involvement so case closed.

The information was part of a website set up to be published with the Budget information as clone website. This startlingly simple fact had already been ascertained as the most likely scenario by Hosking, asking relatively low-level, computer-savvy people in his office and many others after it all went pearshaped yesterday.

The Opposition were opposing, The wellness budget was just another more welfare budget, no surprises there, and the most inept, out-of-their-depth government in the history of NZ were business as usual.

Now back to Mr Speaker: is he fit for purpose? Well in the court of public opinion the jury is still out, but the time spent deliberating indicates there must be some convinced yes and others no, while those paying for that circus act are still losing money paying for it all.

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