Monday, May 27, 2019

Democracy in action.

The largest  democratic exercise in the western world  has just finished with a mixed bag of results.  From a UK perspective it was encouraging to see more people voting for their MEP’s but the turnout was disappointingly low, 34% in 2014 and 37% for this one.

Even though the Brexit party won the most seats, which was what the polls predicted,  the combined vote for the anti Brexit parties was 40.6% while the Brexit party was 35.4%. That's what happens when you split the vote but indicates that any sensible government will put it back to the people for a final say .

It must be stressed that MEP's only vote on matters concerning the running of the  EU and not on things that impact their own countries sovereignty and that the Brexit party is not a party, it has no MP's or a is a one man band.

The rise of the Greens continues unabated throughout Europe with the centre left and centre right parties taking a hammering from the hard right and hard left...all in all a victory for democracy which gives a lie to those who wish to portray the EU as some sort of Fourth Reich and “unelected globalist elite”  this sort of language is straight from the Kremlin's sock puppets RT and Sputnik.


The Veteran said...

Sheeesh Egbut .... for a one man band they did rather well. Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that a hard Brexit does not require the Commons approval.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you think that people voting for those who appoint the commission (who have the real power) is democacy in action. Seems far too complicated to really be truly democratic.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Para....tell that to the USA.

Veteran....."Parliament has voted very clearly to oppose no deal. This is a parliamentary democracy. A prime minister who ignores Parliament cannot expect to survive for very long,” Treasury chief Philip Hammond told the British Broadcasting Corp. on Sunday. The other two options would be a second referendum or a general election. 26th May.

The Brexit party picked up all the UKIP votes and unhappy conservatives. The King is dead long live the King.

Trump has been trying to leverage Fromage into the State banquet to sit with him.....the Queen is not amused.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you didn't answer the question. My understanding is its only a 'deal' that requires the Commons approval ... that a 'no deal' exit doesn't. Yep, I listened to what Hammond said. Problem is I can't see any deal making it through parliament ... there are just too many agendas in play. I don't think a second referendum is likely for the reasons I have already canvassed so that leaves only a no deal Brexit which could result in a general election (by way of a no confidence motion) or with the new PM calling one anyway given the impasse in parliament.

A no deal general election will see the Tory Party in with a chance. A general election called on the basis that parliament can't agree on a deal will see the Tory Party slaughtered. In both the scenarios I see the Lib-Dems emerging much stronger.

Whatever happens I see tears, lotsa tears.

Noel said...

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran.....for the reasons I stated previously a no deal is not a starter. Firstly the commons has voted that a no deal will not be acceptable and any Government that unilaterally withdraws from the Good Friday agreement will draw approbation from around the world. Wave goodbye to any trade deal with the US...even worse the UK could face UN sanctions.

The public are being conned with "vote for me because we are leaving without a deal" nonsense. The UK is hostage to it's own success since joining 40 years ago, the unilateral breaking of the Good Friday agreement would lead to all trade to the EU slowing down to the point of stopping and as the UK gets 40% of it's daily food from the EU it could get serious.