Thursday, May 16, 2019


While teachers are preparing for industrial scale  strikes, Kiwibuild continues to fail spectacularly, The Prince of Paupers goes about his future untouched by the 'Crats', Health services lurch ever nearer the abyss, Pike River mine continues to absorb every dollar within reach for no result, Child Poverty grows from the weeds of welfare,  fuel prices continue to extract money from the poorest,  Police continue to destroy every last vestige of respect and support, and the miracle new economic theory of wellness charges towards  its day of illumination, our Photo op Princess hot on the heels of exposure in the New York Times now enjoys "Paris in the Springtime".

The claim that Tarrant's rampage was dependent on his ability to "live stream" continues to dominate what passes for news coverage here deep in the South Pacific, but in reality only becomes more embarrassing by the hour.
Virtue signalling industrial strength?

History is littered with atrocities large and small and March 15th in Christchurch will rank high here when 99% of the world has no idea we exist but  internationally it will be submerged as never happening.

To suggest that Tarrant would not have committed his mayhem without a live streaming option is indeed clutching at straws.
His "Manifesto"  now silenced could still have been published and a video of his hideous actions could still have been created and found its way to wide exposure.
Ms Ardern is creating a legend in her own mind  and even if the current dominant employers of the Internet are censored whether by govts or self regulation, there are multiple untapped options abounding.

Meanwhile with the children in charge of "Play Group" nothing is happening in NZ so maybe the Princess of promotion will serve her country better if she extends her stay in Paris in the Spring..

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