Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Smack Behind The Ear

This piece of newspaper commentary on Labor's disaster stood out.
'It was also a rejection of shrill hectoring from goat-cheese-circle bullies who are incapable of understanding how an economy actually works in the real world.'
The writer, John Black, has an interesting background.   And yes, Adolf was a big fan of Labor's Fred Daly, shearer turned politician.  A brilliant debater and great mates with Liberal Party member and QC Jim Killen.

"When it comes to the future for Labor, like most old journalists, I’m usually a lousy judge of leaders, but I think Anthony Albanese will do OK. He is Labor’s latter-day combination of Labor icons Mick Young and Freddie Daly, rolled into the same rumbled suit. He’ll front up and do the job well, but he has to win back traditional Labor voters in seats well outside his demographic comfort zone."
This means not repeating the mistakes of Labor’s campaign and there’s plenty there to choose from.

John Black pioneered election profiling in Australia in the 1970s and is a former Labor senator for Queensland.

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