Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Things a bit loose  around here lately,  I might have missed the memo, but sooner or later her ladyship will need to turn her now so widely acknowledged talents to the task at hand she collects the money to perform.

There are some things that while Sir William was in the captains chair  and deemed so troubling then,  are still not fixed and in some cases getting worse, in fact almost jepradising good social outcomes.

Passing ill considered kneejerk arms controls that will only be observed by  already compliant  citizens,  proposing hate speech entrapment offending for all who decline to follow the orthodox beliefs of the ruling class, continuing with any form of taxing again, savings of tax paid money invested and the government assured accompanying inflation affecting the real value of such folly, rewriting the budget aims to ignore existing economic reality replaced by following a "Wizzard of Oz' golden road to a feel good nirvana might just become "an empress with no clothes and that dear voters will not pass the sniff  test amongst her Imminence's new found adulators both believers and non believers.

All the while ignoring a clear failure of Statistics NZ to measure the true state of the population for electoral decisions, infrastructure planning and giving an accurate base for governance decision making. A monumental strategic  failure that needs a rapid response far more necessary than the virtue signalling that has propelled the current Saintly figure masquerading as our head of Government to stratospheric levels.
Then there are some troubling facts emerging on how some of the real progress English was delivering is unravelling almost under the radar of the submissive fourth estate, or at least being overlooked  in wilful  arrogance.
Child poverty, benefit numbers, housing, rent rises, business confidence, immigration figures, inflation pressures,  troubling signals from Police uncertainty over public events, patent vote buying on a scale unmatched in the nations history, all obscured and ignored in the dust cloud surrounding the most blatant attempt at personal political cult like adulation unmatched in my lifetime. The nearest home grown phenomena might be that which accompanied Michael Joseph Savage prior to my birth,  that saw his iconic photo adorning walls everywhere including homes of the blessed believers.
Sort of as one might recall those images of her Majesty in days gone by.

It almost seems milking the tragedy of nearly five weeks ago will continue unabated as the aims and philosophy of Tarrant continue to be fulfilled on a daily basis.
Crikey how did the Nation ever deal with The Great War, The Great depression, the genuine threat from the Axis Powers and the cold war. The effects of those events endured for decades and over a month after Tarrant's assault we seem still paralysed while duplicitous leaders take political profits from that tragedy leaving faceless Crats running the shop.

Almost has one wishing he had avoided reading Orwell's 1984.


The Veteran said...

As long as this continues the less this has to do with security threats (so called) and more the suggestion that 'whoever' is milking this to their own advantage.

Anonymous said...

Milking it,