Wednesday, April 3, 2019

They Don't Know How Stupid They Are

Adolf listens to only one radio station, ABC Classic FM.

From time to time he hears the appalling propaganda which passes for ABC News.

Today is budget day and accordingly there was some shrieking harpie shouting about the plight of the unemployed.

"There's nothing in this budget for the unemployed" she yelled.   And in a climactic finale she opined "Australian workers aren't that stupid"    Perhaps she forgot the people for whom she is advocating are not workers.  They are non workers.

 Go and get a ******* job if you want more money.


Bill K said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Banned trolls who attempt to comment here should learn to read. The ABS has the number of unemployed at 673,000 and the number of job vacancies at 245,000. My 16 year old grandson this month got a full time job which was not advertised, at the firm which employs his father.

Kimbo said...

Usually after any budget all the various interest groups, be they farmers, employers, trade unions, welfare advocacy groups, whatever have a whinge if they perceive there is “nothing” for them...and still whinge it was not enough if there was something for them too. Mind you in Singapore I saw the head of the trade unions say they were very happy with their 2% national award rise (a national award?! How Muldoonist 😳. How is Singapore doing, btw?), but he also said was actually “too much”. Not very independent. 😀

Also, um, do you really think that 673,00 (less 245,000, although I suspect many of those are part time/seasonal and unable to support a family, or are located elsewhere in the vast continent of Australia) just got up one day and decided, “Ah, bugger it. I’ll just go on the bludge at Adolf’s expense rather than working”?

Used to be a time when governments considered it their economic and social responsibility to ensure there were sufficient jobs for all. Doesn’t mean that the fortress economy of old, built upon sending primary agricultural products to a single British market, is necessarily possible as before the 1980s neo-lib reforms. But it is fascinating that some 35 years after those changes on both sides of the Tasman, which were heralded at the time as a path for prosperity for all...that somehow now the unemployed get blamed even when, by your “bloody bludgers!” mathematics there are not enough jobs.

Kimbo said...

And I’m fascinated by the cognitive dissonance in criticising the unemployed, when again by those mathematics there aren’t enough jobs to go around, yet you also also brook no criticism of Donald “I’ll bring back the jobs” Trump. Or are the reasons behind the rust belt unemployed of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin qualitatively different from those in Aussie?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Kimbo, you should get out more. A very large proportion of those listed as unemployed more accurately would be described as unemployable. In fact there are plenty of jobs available for those who REALLY DO want to work. Why else do you think the country needs immigrants?

Kimbo said...

Dont dispute that Adolf, but then part of the reason some are indeed unemployable is because we are now into 3rd generation welfarism, which would once have been unthinkable for those who lived under governments...that made the elimination of unemployment their number one priority. Indeed, after the Great Depression they considered it a social evil. Hence I note you chose to ignore the primary point which, yet again, your own mathematics revealed: there are not enough jobs.

You also mention migrant workers. Yes, in other words the distortion of the supply in the local labour market, which in many cases just happens to be at the behest of employers...thus subsidising their cheap wages. The fruit-picking industry is a classic example. IT is the same. So does that make Aussie (and New Zealand, And American and British...) bosses a bunch of bludgers too? Hey, I’m not the one who started blaming unemployment on the moral failings of a particular group, but now you’ve started, how about we apportion it equally and accurately?

Kimbo said...

And speaking of stuff you ignored, are all those former auto, steel and coal workers in the American rust belt unemployable too? Seems no one told your hero, Donald Trump. And even though he has no problem blaming a lot of people for America’s alleged woes, he has never blamed them. Very confusing. Help me square the circle making sense of your...disjointed thinking, Adolf.

Virago Termagant said...
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Esio Trot said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Kimbo do you practice foe an hour every day at 'missing the point'?

Of course large number move off Newstart and into jobs. You ignore the fact large numbers do not. They are the unemployable, either by design (Moaris in Herekino and Taheke) or by circumstance -eg brain damaged children of drug addicts etc.

Kimbo said...

Sorry, Adolf. I guess I "missed the point" because, when you specified "unemployed" twice in your original made no such distinction. Rather than missing the point, the game being practiced here is "moving the goal posts".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No I did not make the distinction. I expect people who comment here have enough brains to realise the figures called unemployed do not distinguish between the two. Just as I would expect you to understand when I refer to a 140% lambing percentage, the lamb flock includes both male and female lambs.

Kimbo said...

So then that would mean don't shouldn't begrudge the idea of the genuinely-looking-for-a-job/workers-in-waiting unemployed receiving sufficient government assistance

...nor someone advocating for assistance for them that was indeed sufficient

...nor the media reporting the message of that advocate

...especially in response to the national Australian budget.

Sorry, remind me again of your original point, Adolf,and who here is (to quote you yet again), "stupid".

Betty Swollocks said...

You ignore the fact large numbers do not. They are the unemployable, either by design (Moaris in Herekino and Taheke) or by circumstance -eg brain damaged children of drug addicts etc.

Jebus Adolf, how many Moaris in Herekino and Taheke are on Newstart? Better let ScoMo know, stat!

brain damaged children of drug addicts etc.

If they are brain damaged, they are not unemployed, they are ill. It may come as a surprise to you, but many "drug addicts" hold down jobs, eg, lawyers, doctors, nurses, just to name a few.

But go on, delete away, because you can't handle losing.