Saturday, April 27, 2019


The revelation that a known criminal can walk into the Palmerston North Police Station at 7.40 am in the morning and walk out with eleven firearms just beggars belief. 

Just how the f**k were they stored ... in a barrel in the reception area just like the barrels you see in a supermarket containing free fruit for the kids (although the other day I saw a couple of adults help themselves to a couple of pieces).

Even more concerning the news that at least one weapon was a documented exhibit in an upcoming criminal trial ... well, that's the 'chain of evidence' destroyed.

This makes the Police a laughing stock,    Where does the buck stop?   Heads, and some senior heads, are going to have to roll.


pdm said...

We were in Palmerston North yesterday morning, overnighted Thursday, and wondered why there was so much Police activity with sirens and flashing lights. On the way out of town towards Ashurst there was obviously a raid on a gang headquarters as we went past.

Noel said...

All now well in the hood.
"I have now sought fresh assurances from the Commissioner that all stations and firearms-handling processes are secure and fit for purpose, and that firearms are stored safely, whether they are crime scene exhibits or otherwise," Nash said.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has asked for an investigation into how Harris was allegedly able to get into the police station.

The investigation would also require an immediate audit of security around firearms at all police stations nationwide."

The Veteran said...

Noel ... luv that word 'allegedly' from the Commissioner. Perhaps the firearms are only 'allegedly' missing. When did we stop calling a spade a spade?

Noel said...

Aw I dunno. Given there will a raft of charges associated with burglary I think its prudent that he used allegedly.

RosscoWlg said...

Just another good example of the Public Sector "Crowding Out" the Private Sector, and unfair competition practices.

In the private sector you have to sell guns to make a living, fill in the paper work, inform the Police and go through a whole lot of palava, in the public sector you just walk in and take the one you've youve always wanted. Pure Socialism at its finest!

Paulus said...

Nobody will get told off in Palmy - the head honcho I believe is one tough lady so she will stick it out.
Ask them what they and many many other Police feel about the Police Commissioner and his political tough love position with regard to carrying loaded weapons.
You cannot arrest anybody without putting your guns down !

George said...

No other word suits the occasion.
Any rifle owner stores their weapon/s in an insecure manner will lose weapons and be fined.
And they are rifles not bloody GUNS FFS

Noel said...

No identity of the firearms stolen.
Given they were exhibits would be a safe bet to say there probably a GUN among them.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm ... rifles and most pistols have rifled grooving in the barrel as opposed to shotguns that don't. But you wouldn't call a pistol a rifle so perhaps he generic term 'gun' has something to commend it.

Boats vs ships is easier. Ships have boats and not the other way round.