Monday, April 15, 2019


Following the devastating earthquakes, September 4th  2010 and February 22nd 2011 a wise Minister who was once the woodwork teacher at Catholic St Bedes College in the Northern suburb of the Garden City, appointed Fletchers to head the building recovery and I asked at the time "what could possibly go wrong". Well as it turns out,  in a word,  'Plenty'.

In the headlong rush to sideline the insurance industry that had over time established  very strong fiduciary relationships with many of those destined to become claimants for the damage incurred, EQC rapidly grew from a small collection office to process and invest the levies that flowed from every insurance policy written, into a mega insurance claim and recovery project manager. Assessments were all too often handled by tyro builders and retired Police personal???
Many of those commissioned with recovery oversight and claim management were suddenly exposed as incompetents and a saga of dissatisfaction ensued.
Many victims of the flawed process remain in limbo even today.

At least since Savage, Semple and Co took over following the 1935 NZLP election success, Jim Fletcher, his heirs and successors have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with administrations of all hues leading to a total dominance of building construction , material supply and awarded contract success across the nation
So who is going to notice the close place at the table for  Fletchers at The SLG 's latest talkfest  number two hundred and whatever , created to address politically,  the totally non existent "Housing Crisis". now morphed into a general construction crisis.
Another waste of public money to inquire why state intervention due to the abysmal failures surrounding the incompetent twerp Twyford's dancing on pin heads whilst whistling in the dark will succeed? I dont think so.  An ongoing saga of humour  laced ineptitude delivered almost daily, suddenly  needs a solution?
The  structural  commercial dominance, component and material supply bottle necks and general malaise for building in the tiny market that is NZ Inc. Talk about appointing a poacher as Gamekeeper, very funny if not so serious.

A prudent observer of the financial outcome from the Justice Precinct contract as a cornerstone of the village of the Damned  rebuild might give pause before setting Fletchers up to sort out stuff they are having trouble with themselves in spite of overwhelming market dominance?

The MSM wont even notice something might be a little odiferous!
Fairydust is just too blinding and makes hearing fraught as well.

Come back Gilbert and Sullivan at least you might turn excruciating farce into entertainment for the masses.

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Paulus said...

I made what I consider a wise decision a few years ago - I sold all my Fletcher's shares with no regrets.
After listening to new one I/C yesterday it was an excellent decision.
Just more crap.