Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Quasimodo's home destroyed.

He is now homeless and quite possibly dead to boot.

Another tragedy for the whole world, the Catholic Cathedral many if not most,  might associate with Victor Hugo's novel published nearly 200 years ago  about times centuries earlier, has been virtually destroyed by fire.

The destruction of catholicism in the country second only to Rome for its historic subservience to the teachings of Jesus under the Vatican sect began with the beheading of many of the Clergy in the revolution some 60 years after Hugo's novel was published,  continues to this day as France becomes almost totally secular.
Sadly the march of socialism/communism seems to decree the destruction of the faith so integrated in the development of successive governments, even Little ole NZ had its knee bending to christendom diluted as each successive administration takes office, current Speaker Mallard sought to abolish the pre sitting prayer  entirely  before replacing it with a very pallid one.  Not an associated problem for countries with majority numbers of the followers of Islam though where a competitive spirit to be ever more demonstrably faithful seems to  exist.
 The Sultan of Brunei the latest to give such virtue signalling a go with adoption of stricter Sharia Law tenets.

Eight hundred years of history destroyed in a day, sombre thoughts dominate once more.
Over four hundred years of construction and apparently many articles of serious historic value might have been lost.

Current socialist  President Macron presiding over an economy that has total debt perilously near to annual GDP claims he will rebuild "Our Mother", not sure what he will use for money unless an equally stupid outfit insured the loss, not likely methinks.
Give a little page might work?


The Veteran said...

I'm sure 'he' was only trying to help but I don't think President Trump's urging the French authorities to use tanker aircraft to water bomb the Cathedral carried too much weight ... pun intended.

Noel said...

You get the impression everywhere you go in Europe at present Gothic churches are surrounded by scaffolding and netting as spires are repaired under UNESCO grant.

Plenty of skilled tradespeople around to get a new one back up.

gravedodger said...

In using Gelignite the easiest tamping is water it is very effective at directing the charge, I would not wish to be where a thousand Liters of water landed if I was reaching for the alleged "Crown of Thorns", one of the potentially "lost" relics.

Wonder if sprinklers were in place?

Noel said...

Sprinklers are usually installed in ceilings and face downward for maximum flow.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Can't resist a making a political point over what is a tragedy for France can you?

Macron is the least Socialist president France has had in 30 years and is trying to roll back some of the more invidious labour laws that have hampered economic growth.

The building is a tribute to the medieval masons who built it. When the wood inside burnt out they thought they were going to lose the lot but the vaulted stone archs and galleries stood firm. The main structure can be built around. The spire that collapsed was a 19th century addition....no great loss.

It was French masons that began the English cathedrals and taught them the art of stone work. And for an English boy to get an apprenticeship in France was as good as diploma today.

Kimbo said...

even Little ole NZ had its knee bending to christendom diluted as each successive administration takes office...The Sultan of Brunei the latest to give such virtue signalling a go with adoption of stricter Sharia Law tenets.

It's intriguing to see fans of Christendom lament its passing (we only have vestiges now so why bother?) and present Islam as some sort of rival. You do know that like Islamic sharia, the Christian Europe in which Notre Dame was built didn't allow usury? So how far back to the supposed "glory days" do you want to go.

Meanwhile irrespective of the rise and fall of kingdoms, the eternal reign of King Jesus, seated at the right hand of God the Father continues unopposed in heaven...from whence he shall return to judge the living and the dead.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Day one......300 million Euros donated by private businesses. I don't think any sleep should be lost on money worries. Socialist/Capitalist France will cope.

Kimbo....I wish you and Andrei would quit preaching at me....I'm wearing out the knees of my trousers.