Friday, April 19, 2019

Of Other Things

For the last four and the next six weeks Adolf has been and will be head down bum up in rehearsals.

This time it is a piece by Vivaldi entitled 'Gloria' and one by some fellow called John Rutter called 'Magnificat.'

Adolf's music reading ability goes as far as dealing with a simple melody and keeping up with something in waltz time so he is less than impressed when presented with page after page of discordant and nonrhythmic music in which the timing changes up to six times on one page.

Rutter must have been drunk when he wrote it. However, my musical colleagues assure me it will sound find by performances time.  We'll just have to see.

The Opera Company has issued a fancy little gadget via the internet with which I can listen to the bass part for each piece with the accompaniment and other voices in the background. A truly amazing piece of technology, without which I would be lost.  So, it's rehearsal for four hours each week and half an hour each day at home with the 'gadget,' headphones and sheet music.

Anyway, here are the two pieces in question.  We have three performances in mid June.

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