Friday, April 12, 2019


In the biased coverage of US affairs NZ receives from TV Radio and print media
Of course  it could include input from the most widely viewed US cable news outlet, Fox News, that would make the information more palatable and even balanced.

Recently appointed US AG William Barr back for more abuse from the demented Dems (he was AG under the Late G H W Bush a quarter of a century ago) has given notice he intends to open an investigation on the rather disturbing emerging facts around the Dept of Justice activities surrounding the Mueller Investigation origins.

Obama's Justice Secretary Loretta Lynch met with Hillary's hubby,  during the election campaign she was always going to win until the day after polling, only three days before the inquiry into then Sec State Clinton's use of unsecure non govt computer servers was to be released. Part of that announcement saw a politically troubling charge down graded from alleged putting classified state documents at risk of hacking ( Federally serious) to "Careless use of a private server" a whole lot less serious.
National security boss James Clapper another Obama appointee and then FBI director James Comey are alleged to have, under direction from the Oval Office,  initiated secret surveillance of the Trump Campaign in a now decided zero Russian infiltration.

So Comey Clapper, Lynch, Clinton H., McCabe (Comey's replacement after Trump gave the DCM), FBI lawyer Page and her lover Agent Peter Strozk whose panicky text traffic as an unlikely  Trump Victory became remotely possible, even Rosenstein who set Mueller alight, might all be sleeping badly since A G Bill Barr's appearance at the House Justice hearing a couple of days ago where he unequivocally  signalled he will want some answers to many so far buried questions.
At the very top of the list Barr wants investigated is the FBI applications to the Secret FISA (foreign intelligence surveillance court) court for legal authorisation for the "Spying" on the Trump Campaign using the now totally discredited Dossier from Christopher Steel bought and paid for by the "Clinton Foundation", among some pertinent facts with held from the court!

Why do we get only the fevered anti Trump rhetoric from CNN, WaPO, NYT, all media arms of the increasing desperate Dems as the rush to the Socialism Clifftop in pursuit of a Trump removal.
A headlong rush now employing a serious racist element in the wake of Mueller's failure to deliver any thing of judicial value.


Alan said...

The house of cards is a tumbling down on the Demorats, 8 indictments against Demorat operatives coming in the next few days. The whole dirty business is called sedition, bordering on treason. The sort of thing you get in a 'banana' republic. Latest statistic of Trump's success - lowest unemployment numbers since 1969.

Anonymous said...

Fox news trusted, I don't think so. Big mistake here

David said...

Yes Alan, they're coming for the demons.

Barr has found the hidden basement at Comet Pizza and will free the children.

Liz Crokin reports that Julian Assange is to be extradited to US and face a charge of murdering Seth Rich.

"Dr Phil" has revealed that members of the FBI, politicians, celebrities and sports team owners are just some of the people who rape children including infants.

Kim Dotcom is to be deported after being forced to return Gravedodger's brain.

And finally, the whole "Russian Collusion Investigation" was a clever ploy by Mueller and Trump to infiltrate and destroy the Dems.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor David can't take a trick.