Monday, April 1, 2019

More freedom of expression madness

I have been commenting on Kiwiblog since 2005.  That's 13 years.  I generally have similar views on life to the blog host.  After following his writings, I can say we appear to have the same parents. Except I'm 6'5" and he's about 4'10".  I digress.

Recently, I have begun to think the blog doesn't represent what it historically has.  The deranged, sycophants who support Trump like lovesick schoolgirls, through to bigoted, hateful rants against Muslims and immigration in general.  Of course, most of these commenters are either migrants, or children of migrants.  But that's conveniently overlooked.  A lot of commenters seem to support Winston First, if you logically follow through their beliefs to the voting booth.  But in the next post, they're off criticising him and showing their general displeasure of him.  None of it makes sense.

Of course making sense and the Internet, particularly blogs, can be mutually exclusive.  That is
illustrated nicely with this post from David, called "Siggi strikes again":

Siggi Henry is a Hamilton city councillor.  She seems quite crazy.  She appears to be rabid anti-fluoridation and anti-vaccination.  From a personal choice perspective, I get both arguments.  Both are mass-medications by the State.  But both have completely overwhelming medical support. Despite her craziness, she managed to wheel herself along to an event raising awareness of autism. Attending with her was her T shirt that promoted anti-vaccinations.  I mean let's give this woman some credit: That's ballsy, right?  It's like David Seymour turning up to a Che Guevera supporters club meeting wearing an "I love capitalism" T shirt.  Henry was doing nothing more than exercising her freedom of expression.  It was quite an offensive way to do it, but as I explained in this post, causing offence is essential in a democracy.

Anyhow, near the start of Farrar's post is this comment from regular commenter, Harriet:

What exactly does one have to do to be charged with public nuisance these days?
And how does one go about getting people charged for it?
From memory the only cases I can recall over the years are where the police laid the charges. As you know I’m no lawyer. Thanks.
Thinking about it, do you just keep ringing the police up and telling them that someone is continually being a nuisance?

I questioned whether she believed someone who turned up to an event expressing a view contrary to the one being promoted should be arrested.

I got 7 downticks and 1 uptick.

I'll just leave it here.

Actually, no.  One last comment.  Harriet and I continued our "dialogue".

Having an ‘eventual pattern of behaviour’ that goes against all reasonable public healthcare directions given by the health authorities, and publicly expressing them one way or another, would warrant some concern, I would tend to believe. But I wouldn’t know.
Harriet, do you think having an eventual pattern of behaviour that denounces climate change, which goes against all reasonable evidence from scientists, and publicly expressing those concerns one way or another would also warrant concern?
I hope I have made my point. 

Kiwiblog commenters really can cause head-scratching at times.


Tom Hunter said...

I usually got more upticks than downticks, even when I was ripping Trump through 2015 and 2016, but there was one where I'd either get few upticks or a bunch of downticks.

That was when I said that National were largely useless in stopping the incremental growth of government in New Zealand, whether it was rules, regulations, spending or taxes.

For all DPF's occasional differences with his own National Party I've come to think that he really does truly represent the core of Old National, which was once described as existing solely for the purpose of keeping Labour out of power. On that measure they've been amazingly sucessful.

Pity about the rest.

Nick K said...

Almost all 300 or so comments on the G
Hate Speech post criticise Labour and Little.

Do I dare bring up Shane Reti, Paula Bennett, Wicked Campervans and the Harmful Digital Communications Act?

Kimbo said...

It was always troubling on Kiwiblog when EAD would take a long and deceitful run up over the course of a number of posts sarcastically criticising the “diversity dividend” that inevitably ended up peddling his Nazism, but before the final denouement he’d get a whole bunch of upticks.

Once the usually-prescient and always-amusing dime advised EAD that he often made some good points but why did he “always find the need for the international Jewish conspiracy shit?” No, dime, just as Chamberlain misunderstood Hitler at Munich, and rationalised his anti-Semitism as tasteless but harmless rhetoric, EAD is a Nazi.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

But Nick, that's a very poor analogy. Pretty well all reputable science supports vaccination while most of the junk science supporting climate change is severely flawed - and a large and growing body of reputable scientists refuse to accept the view of the voluble consensus mob.

David said...

Siggi Henry is a walking, talking, smallpox blanket and needs to be treated as such.

Adolf, who is this growing body of reputable scientists who refuse to accept the view of the voluble consensus mob?

Social scientists? Geologists? theologians?

Come on man, name names.