Thursday, April 4, 2019


The revelation that Shane Jones, in his capacity as Associate Transport Minister, met with the Chief Executive of the NZTA to discuss the case they were taking against Semenoff Logging who had logged up 116 offences in the past four years is bad enough ... a Minister trying to interfere with a prosecution.

But it gets worse ... it now transpires that Jones is related to Stan Semenoff, the firms managing director, who helped fund his election campaign in Whangarei  (where he came a poor third).

By any measure this is corruption and Jacinda Ardern must stand him down from his portfolio(s).    She has the mana to do it and NZ First is in no position to fight back.    Should she fail to do so then this is the start of Harold Macmillan's 'events, dear boy, events' that will knock her from the lofty perch she now inhabits.,


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

If all this is true and with evidence to the standard required by a court then he has to go, and sooner the better.

Running a country is difficult enough without this sort nonsense but will withhold judgment until evidence is produced.

On a lighter note the PM in the British press again......

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... slam dunk really and go to for confirmation.

Jones acknowledges that he had indeed spoken to the boss of NZTA about the case but only 'briefly'. He also said he had been speaking to him as the Minister of Regional Development and not as the Associate Minister of Transport and in any event the court case had noy yet started. The $2,000 donation was a matter of public record.

Give us a feekin break Jones ... do you really think we're as thick as you obviously think we are to fall for your line of bullshit. Your cavalier approach to the Cabinet Manual and especially c266(a) speaks for itself. Your arrogance demonstrates that you consider yourself immune from Prime Ministerial intervention.

If Ardern fails to act then that speaks volumes about her leadership where it really matters.